Sennheiser Drumica free

Discussion in 'Third-Party Sample Libraries' started by kcearl, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. kcearl

    kcearl NI Product Owner

    Huge drum library for kontakt...not up the with the abbey road series but certainly better than the entry level drum programmes

    its in German so get your translator out as you need to register it :)

  2. tubeaudiogear

    tubeaudiogear NI Product Owner

    Woow i can't believe they give it away for free, looks and sound amazing, thanks for the heads up!
  3. Naji

    Naji Forum Member

    Thank you so much ! GREAT ! Even Midi-Groove-Files.
    And what a sound !
    SENNHEISER is one of my fav companies as for headphones (HD 265 linear or HD 280 pro) and mics.
    Room Types and Presets in Mixer are superb. And the fills - unbelievable !
    I love the sound of the toms !

    Download takes about 2 hours ! WIN 7 64 bit / Internet Explorer.

  4. kcearl

    kcearl NI Product Owner

    Looks like theyve added a few hoops to jump through first now....must be the increased demand for downloads

    Still looks pretty straightforward and worth it for an excellent 9gb kit
  5. KingConga

    KingConga New Member

    I downloaded it in German, of course; but being new to NI, still not sure how to install it. Do I need to run any of the pkged NI installers, or can I simply put the folders in my library? Sorry if these sound silly, but like I said I'm new to NI.
  6. JPaul23

    JPaul23 NI Product Owner

    Run the installer, then run service centre, it'll show after that in the libraries tab

    ps: you have to get a serial number from the Sennheiser page. This was a bit tricky as I don't speak a word of german.....
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  7. nielsdolieslager

    nielsdolieslager NI Product Owner

    Cool, thanks for the link! Amazing, a free Kontakt Player instrument, that costs money, right?
    Sounds great, the sample start time feels a bit sloppy though. And some grooves sound worse :p
  8. KingConga

    KingConga New Member

    Installer Needs Original DVD

    What's up with this? I tried running the main installer, and the sub installer, and they both give error msgs that say it needs to be run from the original DVD. I even tried running it as administrator.:angry:
  9. DioStar

    DioStar New Member

    Oh, I remember this library. That was generous and I'm sure that a lot of people appreciated this giveaway. I guess I still have it somewhere on my hard drive.
    That's very handy that I've found this thread because I'm trying to record my own drum library and Drumica is a cool example of how to do it right.
    Now I'm researching a question about required recording equipment and wondering what kind of mic they were using to record this.
    Don't know if anyone could tell which one they used, but maybe someone could recommend something similar.
    My suggestion's that the eponymous sennheiser drum mics kit should be suitable for my purposes. What do you think?