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Smart Playlists in Traktor: WHEN?

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by NReek, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. marana

    marana NI Product Owner

    +1 for smart playlists (without having to use iTunes).
    At a minimum though, being able to do BOOLEAN searches in Traktor should be implemented asap. So simple and powerful but still missing after all these years...ugh
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  2. Jaxx2002

    Jaxx2002 New Member

    If we constant bumped up this one and keep asking for smart playlists maybe one day ...
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  3. Hanginon

    Hanginon New Member

    Smart Playlists, Please!!!
  4. marana

    marana NI Product Owner

    Smart playlists (and boolean searching) much overdue! Please implement asap
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  5. andyfoz

    andyfoz NI Product Owner

    it does boolean search, doesnt it?
  6. Scoox

    Scoox NI Product Owner

    Oh for goodness sake NI can we have this thing already????? It's been nearly 8 years since this thread was started. What's going on? Literally nobody gives a flying <very rude word> about stems and sample packs and looks (I still prefer the stereo VU meters in Traktor Pro 2). Please stop "innovating" and do existing feature requests first. After 8 years using Traktor exclusively, I never thought I'd say this but I'm actually considering Rekordbox because of compatibility with club gear and library management features.
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  7. jam_rs

    jam_rs New Member

    So, what will happen now that iTunes ceases to exist on Mac OS Catalina and upwards?

    Will we finally get native smart playlists?
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  8. KLM

    KLM New Member

    +1 And similar function as My Tag in rekordbox. Traktor needs better library managment.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
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  9. kaskone

    kaskone NI Product Owner

    loyal user since many years, i am surprised to see how bad track management compared to Pioneer.
    sorry , i will have to jump to that ship ;(
  10. DJ Flex I

    DJ Flex I NI Product Owner

    Since this has been requested from so many users and still not done, to me it looks like traktor browser is so badly written.. that the only way to add filters, tags, related tracks, etc.. that all other software has, maybe they have to do a complete rewrite of the browser part.
    I would like to see smart playlists in the next updates, but most probably we'll get another cool feature, that noone will use (or less than 1%). NI are very good at this :)
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  11. djaytek

    djaytek NI Product Owner

    Definitely agree!
    NI please add Smart playlists (and boolean searching) functionality!
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  12. AlMagnifico

    AlMagnifico New Member

    Smart Playlists, My Tags, Boolean Search, Crates...a lot of things would be nice to have, but what really drives me crazy is that there is no secondary list view! I want to have a playlist and a browser view (search result, explorer folder...) side by side so that I can sort my stuff into lists like every other programs does it! I want to have a "coming next" list as a side list, too, to make autoplay really working for me. And so on.
    In other words: Every improvement of library searching or tagging is worthless when there is no improvement in preparing lists.
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  13. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    This is sightly off topic. I'd prefer if people kept this thread focused on 'smart playlists'.

    FWIW I completely agree... I requested a split browser in 2008, even made a mock up of it (you can find it if you search 'split browser'.
    I have a feeling that we will see something like this in a future version of Traktor - I know it's on the devs radar:thumbsup:
  14. alec.tron

    alec.tron NI Product Owner

    I really do hope we see it in the following order...
    1 - metadata i/o fixes & features (multi value, custom fields, reliable read/write behaviour & customizatione)
    2 - browser rework, making use of the above
    3 - smart playlists, utilizing both of the above.
    3b - elastic beatgrids

    For T3 & TDJ2... one can hope...right...?

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  15. jbatson

    jbatson NI Product Owner

    Bump. Again. And again. And I'll say it again: Bump.
  16. Almaz

    Almaz NI Product Owner

  17. Bepe

    Bepe New Member

    strictly necessary in 2020
  18. djberrie

    djberrie New Member

    Been a loyal traktor user for all my life as well and im sorry to say without this browser update I will also have to jump ship to rekordbox.
  19. angelito

    angelito New Member


    And iTunes is NOT a replacement! iTunes does NOT recognize various royalty free formats like flac. And no, I am not willing to convert all my files to alac or similar, to be able to import my (flac) files into my iTunes library so that I can use smart playlists in Traktor.

    Quite frankly, the browser is a mess. It can not even compete with open source projects like Mixxx, see my request [0]. And no, smart playlists are not difficult to implement (source: I am a programmer). This is inexcusable. I sadly bought a license, because Traktor is apparently THE DJ software, but quite frankly it sucks. I am probably going to switch to Rekordbox. They seem to have a browser that does not suck - and according to a friend: the developers seem to be very responsive. No wonder NI is going down the drain.
    Please listen to your customers.

    [0] https://support.native-instruments....tree-playlist-when-selected-in-browser-en-us-
  20. Kristian Hilgert

    Kristian Hilgert New Member

    Have u seen Rekordbox 6?

    better Serato. fk NI.
    It is the last time I bought something from them. Not even the S4 MK3 is what it could and should be. It needs people from outside who developed things users want.
    Just a sht company.
    best regards.
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