Stephan Schmitt (founder of Native Instruments)Nonlinear Labs C15 Synthesizer

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    We have started the production of a first series.
    It will be available in March 2017.
    Phase 22 Synthesis Engine
    • 2 Oscillators (sine wave, phase modulation, frequency randomization)
    • 2 Shapers (sine curve, adjustable foldback and asymmetry)
    • Ring Modulator
    • Comb Filter (tunable, with allpass and lowpass)
    • State Variable Filter (multi-mode, 2-4 poles, FM)
    • Feedback Mixer (4 input signals, shaper for the sum)
    • Feedback bus with 4 destinations
    • Output Mixer (stereo, 4 input signals, shaper for the sum)
    • 5 Stereo Effects: Cabinet (amp simulation), 8-pole Gap/Band Filter, Flanger/Chorus, Echo, Reverb
    • 3 ADBDSR Envelopes, adjustable attack curve
    • Velocity sensitivities for envelope levels, attack times, and release times
    • 4 Macro Controls, assignable to up to 86 target parameters
    • 8 Hardware Sources, mappable to the 4 Macro Controls
    • Number of parameters: 305
    • Resolution of the parameters: typically 1000 steps (250 ... 15000 steps)
    • Resolution of key velocity, ribbons, lever, aftertouch, pedals: 4000 steps
    • 12-voice polyphony, variable Unison settings
    Play Interface
    • 61-key (5 octave) Fatar keybed with semi-weighted long-arm keys
    • Note-on and note-off velocity sensitivity
    • Monophonic aftertouch
    • Two 800 mm touch strips (ribbons), each with 33 LED dots
    • Ribbon modes: absolute, relative, combinable with return-to-center
    • Lever (magnetic force loaded) for pitchbending and similar applications
    • Control panel with an OLED display (128 x 32 dots) and four buttons
    • Output volume potentiometer (at the front)
    • Headphone level potentiometer (at the front)
    Parameter Editing
    • 4 Selection panels, each with 24 buttons and LEDs
    • Labeling by exchangeable magnetic overlays
    • Edit panel with an OLED display (256 x 64 dots), an incremental encoder, and 18 buttons
    • The ribbons are also assignable for editing of parameters.
    • Graphical user interface on any WiFi-enabled device running a browser, unique zoom-and-pan navigation, enabled for touch
    Preset System
    • User-definable banks
    • Unlimited number of presets per bank
    • Infos and tags per preset
    • Morphing between the edit buffer and a preset, between 2 presets, or a series of presets
    Undo System
    • Unlimited undo for all user interactions, including sound editing steps
    • Undo list with support for different editing branches (tree view)
    • Main audio outputs (L, R) (TRS, balanced by transformers)
    • Headphone output at the front (TRS)
    • 4 inputs for analog controls, such as pedals (TRS, flexible pin-assignment)
    • USB host connector for data exchange and software updates
    • Base unit only: 900 x 290 x 100 mm (width x depth x height)
    • Including panel unit: 900 x 410 x 160 mm (width x depth x height)
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    Looks dope.
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    I have to agree well put together and demoed