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Still got that never ending spinning ball of death

Discussion in 'MASSIVE + MASSIVE X' started by davemacp, Mar 8, 2020.

  1. davemacp

    davemacp NI Product Owner

    I don't know if I just havent noticed it due to lack of use for a couple of years, but suddenly komplete kontrol and most NI plugs have become super unresponsive and laggy, massive being one of the worst. I'm getting the browser db spinner every time I open massive. I've already set the mysterious db hit count set to 'none' (what does that even do?), and have tried deleting, re-downloading, and rebuilding to no avail. Anyone got any other ideas?

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  2. René must be Unique

    René must be Unique NI Product Owner

    I have no idea how you could solve this, but it also happens to me when I select a massive preset.

  3. Howl

    Howl NI Product Owner

    it does it always, when you start massive. it seems a bug.
    but i don't experience any lag, or problems with it. but i am not a massive massive user...

    EDIT: it does it for an minute, give or take or so.
  4. EvilDragon

    EvilDragon Moderator Moderator

    Open Massive standalone and just let it spin until it's over, then close it. Plugin should load much faster then and without the spinner.
  5. The Sarge

    The Sarge NI Product Owner

    thanks for posting this (again) I´ve that error for years now, also on my total new Win10-PC :(

    thanks for this tip again, but as posted a long time ago, this workaround doesn´t work! tried it several times, with different DAW, with Win7-new-installation plus deleting all user-banks (except the ones from NI) and now on new PC with Win10 still the same behavior!
    and yes, it still comes back after stepping through ~50 presets (depend on how long I play with a preset). Owning a much presets from ADSR-Sales, so it´s very annoying to take a break like in the 90s to wait till Massive reacts as it should be...)when finished withe spinning)
  6. jacqui brookes

    jacqui brookes NI Product Owner

    Same but with MassiveX. Mac, Catalina, I have full install of Massive X and library showing in NI, can hear the presets, the -problem is when preset is loaded, via Maschine Mk3 or double clicking, there is just the init tone. Presets show empty in library. Try to delete, or close, spinning ball ..force quit, time and again. Yes, have deleted and reinstalled. Any help guys? Please.