still no tonewheel files please install b4 again

Discussion in 'B4 & B4 II' started by ZeroZero, Dec 2, 2012.

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    Had a hard drive craash and decided to get a new SSD drive. I did a fresh resitall of windows, I left my sampe drives alone. I am reistalling my daw. I tried ot reistall B4 2 but I get teh following message;

    "still no tonewheel files please install b4 again"

    Win 7 64 bit (had it working before - using J bridge for the VST

    Tried a reisintall and got the same message.

    Any ideas please?

    Great product bring it back in 64 bit please

    Solved. Did a deinstall - restart - install - restart did the trick. Had a bit of trouble registering because B4 used the old registering system. Eventually used the service centre to register - third time lucky