Strummed Acoustic: No sound — help!

Discussion in 'KONTAKT' started by Kirtland Peterson, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Kirtland Peterson

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    Aloha from Honolulu,

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong...

    I've got Kontakt/Strummed Acoustic loaded into a Logic Pro X track.

    I've assigned keyswitch C1 to the pattern I like, and can hear the pattern in the Kontakt set-up window.

    I choose AutoChords, set it to E major, and have a C3 midi note selected in my LProX track.

    Both the C1 key switch and C3 (E major) chords are set a little before the beat. I can hear the chords play using the AutoChord keyboard inside NI Strummed Acoustic.

    AutoChord is ON when I close the Kontakt window.

    Back in Logic Pro X, in the Piano roll... I get no sound.

    If I play the C3 note (which should produce an E major chord)... nothing.

    If I PLAY the track with the C1 keyswitch and C3 note... nothing.

    My other tracks are all fine... I just can't get any sound out of Strummed Acoustic.

    Any thoughts re. what I'm missing? I must be doing something wrong!


  2. EvilDragon

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    C3 in Kontakt is MIDI note 60, do check if it's the same in LPX, or is it maybe C4 that is MIDI note 60. There's an octave offset parameter in settings somewhere...
  3. Kirtland Peterson

    Kirtland Peterson New Member

    Mahalo! Will check after dinner!

  4. Blindeddie

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    The Octave Offsets (or the lack of a standard between DAWS/Plugins) can drive you crazy if you are not aware of it... the old "Hunt and Peck" procedure works to identify which key is actually mapping. when you identify the proper key, make a "Note To Self" for future reference.

    Just a little tip...if this is the case.


  5. Kirtland Peterson

    Kirtland Peterson New Member

    Many thanks!

    And... all my problems went away when I updated macOS to the latest.

    Mahalo nui loa from Honolulu.

    Cat out