Supreme Edition MOD (Traktor S5/S8/D2 Screen + Mapping MOD)

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  1. Aleix Jiménez

    Aleix Jiménez NI Product Owner

    S5 MAPPING MODS (from version 2.3 onwards)

    Browser MOD
    BUG FIX: When on Browse, if you append a track to the Preparation List, you can’t remove it. (Solved on Supreme Edition MOD, solution by Nick Moon )

    Increased Turning Speed of Browser Encoder ⮕ Scroll through pages, not tracks
    Browser on Traktor S5 and on TP3 are related (Customizable in Preferences Menu) (Note: When you open Browser on S8/S5/D2, TP3 also opens the Browser on full-screen, and when you close it, TP3 also closes the browser on full-screen) BUG: It's only working for left screen browser, I have to solve it.

    Now you can sort by Genre, Personalized Key (Key Text), Comment // Comment 2, etc. (CUSTOMIZABLE ⮕ See instructions)
    Encoder Push ⮕ Flip browser order.
    Encoder Turn ⮕ Change the sorting type value.

    Shift + Encoder Push ⮕ Load/Play to Preview Player
    Shift + Encoder Turn ⮕ Seek through the Preview Player track

    Display Buttons 4&8 (Left & Right Screen Arrows) ⮕ Browse through your favorite Playlists
    MOD BUG: If you select a favourite playlist which is an empty slot/is badly referenced in Traktor, the screenbrowser of the controller "freezes" (the back button becomes useless, if you press it you don't return to the main home of the browser) until you select another favourite playlist which contains a playlist.

    Edit Mode MOD
    Edit Mode
    Enter to Edit Mode⮕ Shift + Display Button 2 (Note: To exit, just press the close overlay button (Top Right Screen Button))
    Enter to Edit Mode ⮕ TP3 Waveform also zoomed

    Browse ⮕ BPM
    Shift + Browse ⮕ BPM Fine (Note: Only if scan is disabled)
    Back ⮕ TAP
    Shift + Back ⮕ Toggle between Zoom In/Out

    ◦ LoopEncoder Push ⮕ Switch between Offset & Scan Modes
    Loop Encoder ⮕ Coarse Offset (Note: Only if scan is disabled)
    Shift + Loop Encoder ⮕ Fine Offset (Note: Only if scan is disabled)
    Loop Encoder ⮕ Scan (Note: Only if scan is enabled)

    Display Button 2 (middle top left square) ⮕ Lock Grid
    Display Button 3 (middle bottom left square) ⮕ Monitor Tempo Meter
    Display Button 6 (middle top right square) ⮕ AutoGrid (Analyze the track and detect again its BPM and Grid by Traktor’s method)
    Display Button 7 (middle bottom right square) ⮕ Reset
    ◦ Display Button 4 (left arrow) ⮕ Half BPM
    Display Button 8 (right arrow) ⮕ Double BPM​

    RMX Deck MOD
    Add Step Sequencer Support, similar to the S4Mk3 style

    Loop Mode MOD (Customizable in Preferences Menu)
    Note: In the preferences menu you can choose what mode you want to be taken in when you press Shift+ Hotcue (chooe between S8's default Loop Mode, or between my Advanced Loop Mode or my full Loop Roll Mode) or if it is disabled.
    Default Loop Mode (Note: Customize sizes through the S8/D2 Controller preferences in Traktor Pro)
    Pads 1-4 ⮕ Customizable LoopRoll (Green LED)
    Pads 5-8 ⮕ Customizable BeatJump (Light Orange LED)​
    Advanced Loop Mode
    Pads 1/4 ⮕ LoopSize BeatJump (Red LED) (Note: Only when Loop is not active)

    Pads 1/4 ⮕ Loop In & Loop Out Adjust(Lime Green LED) (Note: Only when Loop is active)
    Hold Pad and Turn Loop Encoder for Loop Size Beat adjustment
    Hold Pad and move through the Touchstrip for adjusting it manually
    Pads 2/3 Loop In & Loop Out (Green LED)

    Pads 5/8 4 Beats BeatJump (Dark Orange LED)
    Pads 6/7
    1 Beat BeatJump (Light Orange LED)
    Loop Roll Mode
    Pads 1-8 ⮕ Loop Roll (from 4 beat loop to 1/32) (Green LEDs)​

    Mixer Effects MOD

    Shift + FX Assign Buttons ⮕ Select the MixerFX for that channel (Note: Only enabled when FXMode is set to 2 FX Units)
    Shift + Filter On/Off ⮕ Open MixerFX Overlay (Note: AutoCloses after 2 seconds)
    Browse Knob TurnSwitch between the 4 mixer effects and the filter
    Browse Knob Push Set the selected mixer effect to the 4 decks
    Press Back ⮕ Reset to Filter​

    Effects Mode MOD
    Note: You need to enable 4 FX Units. If only 2 FX Units are enabled, Effects will behave as usual.
    FX Controls ⮕ FX Controls for Units 1/2
    Shift + FX Controls ⮕ FX Controls for Units 3/4
    Shift + Deck ⮕ Enter FX Settings (Note: To exit, just press the close overlay button (Top Right Screen Button))
    ◦ FX Button ⮕ FX Unit 1/2 Settings
    ◦ Shift + FX Button ⮕ FX Unit 3/4 Settings​
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  2. Aleix Jiménez

    Aleix Jiménez NI Product Owner

    I’m still resolving some little issues related to the S5 compatibility, but will release the 2.3 update very soon in Patreon!
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  3. Aleix Jiménez

    Aleix Jiménez NI Product Owner

    I've just posted in Patreon update 2.3 of the MOD: Supreme Edition 2.3
    Good morning everyone, hthe update comes with some new features including a new deck layout (be warned that I still need to do some work regarding this, specially on RMX Decks, Stem Decks, etc), and also, since this update, you can wether to display or not the Album Cover (I have a few little things to solve, though). You can now also customize the Cue and the Shift + Cue behaviour from the Preferences Menu. Finally, since 2.3 you can also select the MixerFX's of a channel by holding shift and pressing Left/Right FX Assign Arrows, if only 2 FX Units are enabled.

    Also, it includes full S5 support (BETA testing, this is the first release, report any BUG you may find). Check in the first entry of this post all the features that should arrive with this update.

    The two Deck styles (choose from the Preferences Menu) are inspired in Traktor’s Decks, and in the Denon’s Prime SC5000. The info displayed in the Traktor one will be fully customizable from the Preferences file, as displayed in the picture below) from the preferences file located in the preferences folder.
    Here’s how they look like right now:

    I might do something similar in the future, trying to recreate Pioneer CDJ2000 nexus screens, we’ll see (not a priority right now). Let me know what do you think about them!

    Next week I'll try to release a new version which will fix some minor bugs that I'm already aware of and any bug that you report to me. However, I've decided to roll this update as they are minor bugs and I'm sure many of you will love the new features, specially Traktor S5 users!

    I hope that those who decide to support me and my MOD on Patreon enjoy it, happy DJing!
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  4. Nir Ziso

    Nir Ziso NI Product Owner

    Hey Aleix Jiménez
    Can you do something regarding the loop recorder? S8 developers forgot to add "start record" option.
    Currently, If you set "capture" to record loop, then click on a empty remix sample cell, it states that the record loop is not active.

    Best solution (if possible), if when the capture is set to "loop recorder", "Shift + capture" will :
    1 - Stop playback (if playing) & Delete the current record loop content.
    2 - start the loop recorder , according to the loop size currently selected for the current deck.
    3 - Then you can click on an empty Remix cell to populate it with the data.

    What do you think? What currently need to be added is:

    1 - Stopping the record loop "play".
    2 - Deleting record loop cell content.
    3 - Setting the loop size according to deck's loop current value.
    4 - Activating the record loop, when click "Shift Capture".
  5. Aleix Jiménez

    Aleix Jiménez NI Product Owner

    Definitively! The Loop Recorder is on my to-do list, but honestly, I still haven’t thought how could I approach that! But with what you said, you gave me a couple of ideas and will approach this as soon as I can. Next week I’ll post an update of this :thumbsup:;)
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  6. Aleix Jiménez

    Aleix Jiménez NI Product Owner

    Just posted on Patreon the latest update (2.4) which includes a very cool feature that suggested Daskind

    This new feature modifies the 3 bands waveform color's opacity depending on the equalizers knob position/value (if they are in the minimum, they won't be even displayed, if they are on the maximum, they will be brighter). You can understand better what it does on the controller (not on Traktor PRO) watching this video:

    This feature can be enabled from the Preferences menu, in the Global Settings tab.
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  7. Bert Patroons

    Bert Patroons NI Product Owner


    I've been looking for years for a solution to my problem with the S5 screens.
    I use a lot of cuepoints that are not hotcues (without numbers assigned to them). In collection.nml they are labeled as HOTCUE="-1". (The most common one is the invisible grid marker.)

    The S5/S8 screens ignore them completely, and I want them to be on the screen as well.

    If you can fix this problem, I'm a patron immediately :)

    IMG_20161127_001820.jpg IMG_20161127_001948.jpg
  8. Caleb Grayson

    Caleb Grayson NI Product Owner

    how do you set these?
    i would love to hide grid, load, and fade markers.

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  9. Bert Patroons

    Bert Patroons NI Product Owner

    You can't just delete the hotcue number.
    Either store a new cuepoint when the 8 slots are full, or map the hotcue number to another cuepoint.
  10. Aleix Jiménez

    Aleix Jiménez NI Product Owner

    It's already on my to-do list, as I want to display the beatgrids when the option "Sotre beatgrids as a hotcue" isn't enabled. But so far I haven't been succesful...
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  11. Aleix Jiménez

    Aleix Jiménez NI Product Owner

    Just posted in Patreon the update 2.5 of the MOD, which includes many bug fixes that appeared due to the implementation of a new deck header (including the Album Cover or the LoopSize indicator only appearing on the focused deck when on splitted view).

    Now, the Traktor deck header style is correctly adapted to the Remix deck, displaying more info like in Tratkor. Also, the size of samples and other stuff like the step sequencer mode are now correct, no matter which deck header style you use.

    Also, the KeyLock icon on the stripe works as it works on Traktor Pro.

    Finally, the screen let's you understand better if the deck is a Live Input deck or a DirectThru deck.
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  12. Bert Patroons

    Bert Patroons NI Product Owner

    I'll be following the forum for progress :)
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  13. solsta

    solsta New Member

    AMAZING WORK. I’m looking to buy an s8 in the next few weeks and I came across your post by fluke. I was unsure if I should get the s4 mk3 or the s8 but your post sealed the deal. The screens are just my favourite thing ever. I’m super amazed at what you guys did with this mapping and as soon as I grab my s8, I’ll be back here and all over your patron page, you deserve the compensation. If I’m paying native instruments for their time then I can do the same for you happily.
    Honestly might get two s8’s if they aren’t going to update it because I don’t see myself using another dj controller after getting the s8 with this mapping. So I pray to god native instruments comes out with a new one, just for the sake of progress, show us what else you can do. I make my music and dj on native instruments software and hardware exclusively. Never failed me.

    question about the mapping as I’ve been out of the mapping game for a while, I got DJ endos mapping for the m’as Chine mk1 for Traktor and I still use that till today.

    is the mapping file hybrid functionality as in does it contain the settings for the s5/s8/d2 or are those three separate mappings, I’m seeing so many cool features but I’m unsure if they’re available on all controllers.
    All the colour changing ones have me frothing at the mouth.

    seriously great work man.
    Same to you Nick!11
    You guys are donig I lords work.
    Native instruments community is just top notch
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  14. Aleix Jiménez

    Aleix Jiménez NI Product Owner

    Thank you very much, it's very nice to see that people likes what we are doing here. I'll see you in Patreon soon then! ;)
    Answering to your question about the mapping, what I've done is to remap the controller, but not as a Traktor mapping file (.tsi), more like the "firmware" default mapping. Therefore, on Controller Manager of Traktor Pro, you can map anything you want on top of my mapping.
    And it's a map for each controller, but I insist, it's "internal", you won't see anything in Traktor Pro. Once you load, from Traktor's Controller Manager, the S8/D2/S5 mappings, the MOD is loaded. Afterwards, you can remap anything you want on the Controller Manager of Traktor (only S8/D2 users though...).
    So it is fully compatible with the map from DJendos for another device!
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  15. flashero

    flashero New Member

    Hi Aleix Jiménez , is it posible to add an overlay to use the consistency check?.

    Best regards
  16. Aleix Jiménez

    Aleix Jiménez NI Product Owner

    It’s possible to add overlays (it’s what I’m currently working on with the Hotcue Type Selector and the Loop Recorder), but the info that has to be displayed on it has to be “mappeable”, what do you mean with consistency check, could you explain it s little bit more?
  17. flashero

    flashero New Member

    I'm currently using a pair of D2's, with a XONE PX5, and only use the controller screens, i dont attach a monitor. The problem, is when other DJ's use the setup, the tracks played, get added to the collection, so when you do a consistency check, you can delete the tracks that are not in the computer, so adding an overlay with the consistency check (you can delete missing tracks, analize, etc), would make the setup almost 100% usable without an attached monitor.

    Best regards!
  18. Aleix Jiménez

    Aleix Jiménez NI Product Owner

    Uf, I don’t think that this is possible, honestly... you can map that Traktor does the consistency check, but pretty sure it’s not possible to get the “progress state” to display on the screen (at leats with my computer literacy knowladge), and neither the delete action trigger... :(
  19. Caleb Grayson

    Caleb Grayson NI Product Owner

    do you have like a MacMini or a some headless computer with no monitor or keyboard?

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  20. Nick Moon

    Nick Moon NI Product Owner

    Once I've cracked the other (related) thing we're trying to finish, I'll have a better idea whether this is totally possible. I think it will be possible, but in the category of "tedious due to amount of core code changes"