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Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by vzk, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. vzk

    vzk Forum Member

    Hi all!

    I'm working to get a higher benefit out of the new Cover Column in TAKTORPRO's list view and like to share the concept and cover templates with everyone interested.

    The idea behind the code covers is to use color and gradients (sth like a fading color overlay) to give one-glance information when browsing in the listview of TRAKTORPRO.

    You can use it, for example, to 'map' color to genre, the slider to the song's energy level and text to display any additional infos (like KEY, sub-genre, decade, etc) you want to see immediately without the need to scroll horizontally thru the list.

    I'm using a 200x200 layout but use only the upper part for text that will be displayed in the Cover Column.

    To get an idea, please have a look at the attached image (codecovers_mockup.jpg), where I show a mockup of a list using these code covers, in different flavours.

    I also added the whole collection (work in progress!:) for your own usage and tryout in the attachment codecovers.zip.

    My questions to everyone willing to help:
    • use slider color black or white or both?
    • text color OK?
    • What other text information do you consider to be useful?
    • How many colors should be used?
    • Any other idea to 'map' the colors/slider to?

    Happy cover coding!

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  2. Marc_Tf

    Marc_Tf NI Product Owner

    Great idea.. I like this whole concept..

    One thing I would suggest:

    Make the slider not graduated, but with hard edges.
    The contrast will make it easier to see in a club ☒☐☒☒☒
  3. The Assistant

    The Assistant NI Product Owner

    I have been thinking about this and it's a very good idea. Nice work
  4. lethal_pizzle

    lethal_pizzle NI Product Owner

    This is genius. Not sure if I'll use it, but genius all the same.
  5. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    Yeah someone in the Cover Art Thread suggested using covers as Colour Code for Genre which i even tried. I just used one block Colour for each genre so it was easy to see in the dark booth.
    It looks good and works as a great visual aid for big playlists.
    Unfortunatlely i decided in needed the browser room and i now dont bother with artwork at all.

    @vzk , i love your idea. Its forward thinking and in my opinion, as someone who never wanted cover art in the first place , i think its a great idea and a smart use of the feature.
    A truck load of Kudos .
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