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TDJ2 on iOS.. some questions (that I've tried to search for)

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR DJ 2' started by Londonjak, May 3, 2020.

  1. Londonjak

    Londonjak New Member

    Hi folks,

    I'm loving the simplicity of TDJ2 on iOS.. I've used all full blown DJ software in the past and this cuts it down to something that I really like.

    I've a few questions as there is no proper manual for the iOS version (that I can find) so here goes;

    1) When I bring in two tracks of the same or similar BPM and it tries to sync them, the beat grid is out, I can turn off sync and manually beat match them, but that seems to miss the point. I know there is a 'grid' button (I use the S2 mk3) but I can't work out how to align them?

    2) As in a post I resurrected from ages ago... some tracks are incorrectly imported with a BMP that is way out and even if I tried and wind it down, I still can't get the correct BPM

    3) Its seems if I have a track that has finished and say its at 150BPM, when I load the next track it matches the BMP of the track that has finished. This doesn't seem right?

    4) Im sure it just not a function of TDJ2 but I presume sample decks C and D don't exist... just the button on my S2 Mk3 ( which I guess is for the Mac / Win version) maybe one day?

    Thanks in advance!

    On and if anyone needs an Mac help, ping me a message, I can probably help :)
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  2. Scott Skelton

    Scott Skelton New Member

    Not an expert but might be able to answer some of these.

    1) Since the grid is auto detected through the software if it doesn't align it correctly you can edit the grid using the "Set Downbeat" function which you can find by tapping on the BPM of the track you are playing. Just move the red line to where you thing the beginning of the beat should be and tap that button to reset the grid starting where you set it.

    2) I assume you mean that it is finding a BPM that is much higher than the track actually is. In this case once again click on the BPM for the track and you can find a "/2" or a "x2" to the left and right of the center BPM at the top of the box, clicking the "/2" will half the BPM or the "x2" will double it. You can also play the track and use the tap tempo button if it is still off.

    3) If you turn off SYNC on the deck you are loading to it will not attempt to match the BPM to the previous track.

    4) The iPad only allows for 2 decks at once on the iOS version, would need Mac/PC to take advantage of 4 decks.

    Please let me know if I got something wrong or didn't answer the question! Hope this helps!

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  3. Kalo

    Kalo Active Member

    One correction on (4): TDJ2 (the new app) supports only 2 decks (unfortunatly) on all platforms (also on Mac), the only Traktor vesrion supporting 4 deck is Traktor Pro ;)