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Discussion in 'KORE' started by Josh @ NI, Mar 31, 2008.

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  1. Josh @ NI

    Josh @ NI NI Team NI Team

    Hello all,

    Since I encounter a lot of different users in the field, I have the luxury of seeing how different people work with Kore. I thought I would post this one to save some of you a lot of time.

    People are always asking me how to set up Kore for ideal program change behavior. E.g., should I use the program change module and map Kore's buttons to it, should I try sending a PC message directly from my controller, etc. When I ask them if it's something better suited to a Performance Preset, they often tell me that the reason they want a program change is not for live use, but so that they can quickly and easily step through all the sounds in a given instrument during the audition process. Kore's search categories are cool, but the truth is that sometimes you don't know what you want. Agreed! This is where you can use the Pre-Listen functionality. Most of you know what this is, but I even find myself forgetting how useful it is ;)

    To quickly step through all the sounds in a given instrument, just type the first few letters of that instrument into the search field, then press F2 on the Kore 2 controller (or “Menu” on the Kore 1 controller). You now have all the presets for that instrument at your disposal. Now press the Pre-Listen button on the controller, and you can use the controller's up/down cursor controls to quickly audition presets just like the “good old days” of hardware (minus the 2x16 alphanumeric display). A key benefit of using this method is that all the sounds will be coming from the same plugin, so Kore will keep the plugin instantiated and the load times will be instantaneous. When you’re happy with what you have, press Enter and it will leave Pre-Listen mode.

    While Pre-Listening, you can also spin the Scrollwheel (what some manufacturers call the “alpha dial”) to fly through the preset names. There is no worry of causing a preset overload (particularly important for sampled instruments)—Kore will suspend loading of the presets when you move the Scrollwheel; pressing the Enter button on the controller will then load the actual preset the cursor lands on.

    Other added bonuses of using the Pre-Listen method instead of program change: you can fly through presets for instruments that don’t even respond to program change, or for which program change is glitchy. You can also see all of an instrument's presets regardless of which bank or library they are in; some instruments can only have 128 (or 64 etc) patches loaded at once and this bypasses that limitation.

    Try it…I find this method provides a certain "feel" that helps your creativity along.

  2. Thomas @ NI

    Thomas @ NI Administrator

    Just a quick note that I deleted some posts in this thread that were not related to the subject. Josh's tech tips are supposed to be condensed pieces of valuable practical information, please support this by only posting replies that add to this purpose.

    Regards, Thomas
  3. ew

    ew Moderator Moderator

    Agreed. I'm sorry that I didn't check back earlier; otherwise I'd probably done the same thing as Thomas did.

  4. schrage musik

    schrage musik NI Product Owner

    I'm tempted to write another 'thank-you' note (well, actually, I guess I just have).

    Josh - these tips are great. Thanks in advance for the next 500 (ish)
  5. losan

    losan Forum Member

    I'd like to add a nice trick to Josh's tech tip, which I came along pretty late. Might be obvious to some, but thought, I would share nonetheless.

    You can preview Synth sounds and also effect presets, but what about your Midi-files, you might have ?
    Wouldn't it be nice, if one could quickly pre-view all the nice
    Midi Sequences, or Drum grooves on the fly ?

    Well, the cool thing is, you actually can !

    There's a button in Kore's browser (3th from left), to switch the view to browse all of Kore's factory Midi files and the User Midi files. That's fine, but loading a Midi-file into one of Kore's channel won't output any sound.

    But..., and now comes the nice part :)

    First choose a Midi file you'd like to use in the browser,
    now activate the Pre-view button - this will load the Midi Player of Kore in Preview Mode with the chosen Midi file already loaded.
    Make sure to activate the "Run" Button in the Controller View !
    Start the playback with Kore's Start Button
    (so far you won't hear anything of course) !

    OK, now without leaving the pre-view state, highlight the slot under the Midi Player, switch to the sound tab in Kore's browser,
    do a search for a nice percussive synth sound in the Attributes List, and then click on any of the available sounds in the Browser results list to the right.
    Voila, instant fun ! :D

    The nice thing about it is, you can pre-view another synth sound, while the sequence is running, til you find a pleasing sound, AND you can switch back afterwards (still in pre-view mode) to the Midi files tab (make sure to highlight the Midi player then !), and try other Midi sequences with your chosen sound !
    As long as you're in pre-view mode, these will load on the fly into the Midi player.
    If you found a nice sequence with your synth sound, you finally can hit "Enter" - this ends the pre-view mode, and you can save your sound then.

    This trick is also very useful, to pre-view Midi Grooves with a GM Kit.
    To simplify the process I created 2 performances for myself,
    one for pre-viewing synth sounds with Midi sequences, and
    the other one for pre-viewing Drum grooves.
    I attached those at the end of this post

    (the later one uses the GM Drumkit - Warm Room - within Kontakt 2, if you don't have K2 you may use any other plugin
    with a GM Drumkit instead, if you have K2, you might need to relocate not found samples).

    Hope this is of some use to you, and have fun
    (I certainly had some)

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  6. DonDuche

    DonDuche NI Product Owner

    Gorgeous Tip! Thanks a lot!

    Hey there, I really appreciate this tip! Thank you. This is JUST what I was missing the whole time! Gorgeous!
  7. thehipcola

    thehipcola NI Product Owner

    Ditto on the thanks! Great tips. :)

    MICSICC Forum Member

    Niice! I want to add that after pressing F2 on the controller you need to highlight the box that says BRW then press enter. This will position the up and down areas in the browser box.
  9. a1mixman

    a1mixman NI Product Owner

    Wow, without this little piece of info, this tip was useless to me. Thanks! Works now.

    MICSICC Forum Member

    Ya i was lost for a second too! LOL
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