Tempo adjust MIDI over DVS

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    I'm suggesting to add a feature for MIDI controllers to take control of adjusting tempo over DVS. For example, when DVS signal defines tempo increment, it would be possible to additionally adjust this value using MIDI knobs.

    I tried to find a feature suggestion like this, but I couldn't, so here's a new one.

    Here's a use case for this feature. I'm using Traktor Pro 3 with Kontrol Z2 and the lates DVS records. The faders on my turntables seem to increase tempo in a discrete way, so I can only change BPM by ~0.1. However, sometimes 0.05 is exactly what I need to get the records aligned. As a result, I need to constantly slow down/push platters or hit "sync" to fix the difference. And using "sync" is not really an option to me, because many considers it unprofessional. On the other hand I have a MIDI controller with endless encoders (knobs) and I'd like to use it to adjust BPM more precisely, but Traktor doesn't seem to respond to these knobs when DVS is in control. When I don't use DVS, it works as expected though.

    Let me know if there are any workaround for this issue or if any additional details are needed. And thanks for keeping up the good work!
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    Found a solution:
    1. Run a record as usual in relative mode
    2. Switch to internal mode (do not remove the needle from the record)
    3. Adjust tempo with MIDI or keyboard
    4. Switch back to relative mode
    When all the steps are done, DVS will keep the tempo shift made in internal mode. Profit :)