This patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded HELP!

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    Hi all, I've tried to sort this out and I've tried the solutions on here but nothing is working.

    I'm getting this message 'This patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded' when I try and load First Call Horns library.

    I've lost the installer disk, but I've copied the folder from a hard drive, and placed it in my music folder where my other Kontakt libraries are. I then used service centre 2.2.5 to register it, and it all looks fine, and then I added the library in Kontakt, and it's there, but still won't load and I just see the above message. I've tried deleting things, restarting, and nothing's working.

    Can anyone help me out? I know I'm on an old system but I need this to work on this machine, which has a new SSD drive.

    Using Kontakt 3 & 5 on Mac OS 10.6.8.

    If I run Kontakt 5 I see an 'Activate' tab but when I click on that it says 'Cannot be activated please run the original installer', which I don't have.

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