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Toggle Filter knobs to control deck filters?

Discussion in 'KONTROL F1' started by sluggo, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. sluggo

    sluggo NI Product Owner

    Is there any way to map the filter knobs to control each deck's filter, while at the same time still be able to use the knobs to control 4 remix slot filters? I know how to do this by going into midi mode. I'm hoping there is a way to do it in NHL mode. I tried mapping shift-filter to the deck filter but that didn't work (the midi learn only picked up the "shift").
  2. -Yul-

    -Yul- NI Product Owner

    Don't do it on midi mode, there's no point for that considering what you want to achieve.

    Go to your controller manager, pull the F1 mapping, which should be empty.
    Create a modifier X set as hold , value 1 and learn it to the shift button on the F1. Don't tick the override command. It's meant to reproduce the normal behaviour of the native mapping without affecting anything.

    create 4 commands for your 4 remix slots filters, assign them to the respective slots; Make sure the override box is ticked, add the modifier condition modifier X=0
    create 4 commands for your 4 decks filters, assign them to the respective decks, make sure the override box is ticked, add the modifier condition modifer X=1

    Now note that simple mapping is incomplete as in theory if you use shift + browse button you will go to midi or user mode (depending on your settings) and the same to go back, only issue is that it may mess up your modifier X value in some cases. To be fair I know how to solve that but I don't remember how I did it correctly before (just a modifier trick, nothing major) but also to be fair you probably don't need it so I leave that part on purpose.

    Hope it helps.

    side note: the method you described in your post didn't make sense. If you want to map shift + filter, you should learn the filter knob, the shift being represented usually by a modifier either created as additional(s) command(s) or built-in already (like the case on a lot of Ni's gear, the shift function changes directly the signal sent by the hardware so you don't have to create a modifier in Traktor) . Also in the case of midi messages from NI's gear - if you want to use the midi mode, you should eventually get yourself familiar with the controller EDITOR (ie the external program, not Traktor's controller manager). As it's within the Editor that you may define midi messages, types of midi messages and behaviour of the midi signals (and then map those signals in Traktor).