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TOSHIBA M35 - anyone in here have one?

Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by kaaos, Dec 28, 2004.

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  1. kaaos

    kaaos Forum Member

    I'm thinking of getting this one but I'm still not that crazy about the Celeron. M Processor 330 chip. If any of you know if this laptop is worth the price, give me some input. tnx

    oh...this laptop will be mainly for Tracktor use. i have a powerfull enough desktop for more advanced aplications

    BRAND NEW Toshiba M35X-S109 Laptop 1,4 Ghz, 40GB, 256MB, DVD/CD-RW, IEEE - $650

    Date: 2004-12-25, 7:28PM CST

    Never Used. For Retails $900+Tax. This is to great buy AT $650 total cost with does not refute hassles. Original Includes salts receipt from Best Buy dated Nov 26, 2004.

    The only reason Ã￾m selling this is for Ã￾m looking to higher configuration machine to run my applications.

    Microsoft. Windows. XP Home
    1.4GHz Celeron. M Processor 330
    15"XGA Screen
    40GB Hard Drive
    DVD/CD-RW Drive Stand for casks
    S-Video TV Output
    IEEE 1394

    Detailed Specs:
  2. Vince_Tf

    Vince_Tf Forum Member

    That might not be such a good deal - on toshiba.com they have a M35X-S149 with faster chip & bigger HD - 1.5 Celeron M, 60 Gb HD, for $999 suggested list, $899 at BestBuy.com.

    If that M35 you are looking at is on Ebay, you'd also have shipping cost.

    However it would probably run Traktor, and the price is low enough that if you change your mind you could sell it for about the same price and try another laptop.

    Personally I woud stay away from Celeron, and look for a system with 60+ HD, 512+ ram. And the new Traktor 2.6 will be out very soon so it's worth waiting to see what type of computer is best for it.
  3. kaaos

    kaaos Forum Member


    Your prob right about waiting for 2.6 to come out. I just get ants in my pats and get to obsessive compulsive about getting a laptop now:eek:
  4. pulsewidth_Tf

    pulsewidth_Tf Forum Member

    I've got the M35-S3592 with Pentium M processor (centrino). It's positively stellar with Traktor 2.5.3. Absolutely the most stable system i've ever used traktor on, including two different desktops and three different laptops.

    However I did create two different XP partitions, one of which is used exclusively for Traktor. It has no non-music software installed and is kept very clean. I didn't even install most of the Toshiba software if it didn't seem crucial.

    The second partition has everything else, drivers, productivity software, what-have-you.

    I paid $1000 or $1100 a year ago, and it was pretty much unused. I think the guy got it as a christmas present and wanted to unload it.
  5. Vort3xxX_Tf

    Vort3xxX_Tf Forum Member

    the dual setup is mandatory on my toshiba 2.66ghz. all netowrking hardware must be shut off, the internal windows cd burning software must be disabled, and pretty much everything else must be off, otherwise the display will skip, and I even have the p4, non-m version, That said, The computer has never crashed or bluescreened since getting it on august 15, 2003 and traktor runs with no problems at full timestretch. I haven't even had to seek out the reset button if it has one. I really really like my toshiba for traktor.

    Though that price sounds kinda crappy. Mine cost right around $1000 even (after 10% managers coupon for the august 2003 blackout store closing, $50 bestbuy rebate, $200 toshiba rebate). for $350 less than I paid, you are getting half the ram, and a low cache processor at 1.9x slower the speed of mine. Coupled with the low proc cache, that's functionally less than 1/2 the speed of the one i got over a year and 4 months ago. Bestbuy often runs $200 or $250 mail in rebates from toshiba. I'd perhaps wait for a better deal or check into the store myself. I have a hard time believing that the market is so squalid that prices haven't moved down since I got mine such that you can't find a better deal.

    I would consider if you value the extended features set in the next major version of traktor like more effects... That would probably stretch that 1.4 to its limit. If i were buying a pc, I would want more room to grow software cpu consumption wise before its obsolete. Many people are happy with 1.4 ghz with the current version of traktor though, and on a static production machine, It will work quite well. Just phear when its time to upgrade.

    btw, this guy probably got some nature of mail-in rebate for the machine and is selling it at most for a mere $100 loss I would bet. Personally, a warranty is worth $100 to me. You got the right brand, but perhaps the wrong deal.
  6. Acolyte57

    Acolyte57 Forum Member

    On that last bit... warranty is absolutely crucial for laptops. There's no "I'll screw it open and fix it myself" with laptops - you have to send it to the service center. Which means that in any case extended warranty is maybe the best thing you could possibly buy.
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