Totally new - using trial of Reaktor but no instruments seem available

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    I use Reaper on a Mac. I also have Kontact.

    I've opened Reaktor 6 and tried following the basic tutorials on Youtube, but get stuck on one of the first steps - they all have a little rectangular box up near the top left, with a sub-box labelled 'Instrument'. For example:


    Seems you have to press cmd-n to make that box come up. But on mine, the part that is labelled 'Instrument' on the video tutorials, is labelled 'End-New'. And I can't find a way to change it, or make it be an instrument. What to do? Is it because I am meant to download instruments separately? I do have some free ones from Native Instruments, I thought. My Native Access app for example, tells me I have installed 'Kontakt Factory Selection', 'Reaktor Factory Selection R2', 'Mikro Prism', 'Reaktor Blocks Wired', and a couple of other things that I don't know what they are for.

    What do I need to do? Is it because it's only the 30 minute trial version? Is there any good video taking someone like me through the steps to use this trial version of the app, to check out what it can do?

    [Edit: I should also mention that I have a Komplete Kontrol S49 mk1, but although I have properly registered it as now being owned by me with NI, they have not yet provided the software for it which they say belongs to this product. So, I seem unable to use it at the moment. Still waiting to hear back from their support team on their website, since calling their support phone lines in 4 different countries multiple times during their office hours has only resulted in recorded messages and being permanently put on hold. I hope I will hear back from them eventually!]

    Many thanks!
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    You're looking at Reaktor 5 tutorials, but you have Reaktor 6. The default new Ensemble has changed since then, and it no longer includes an empty Instrument. You can either follow along at the Ensemble level (just make the structure of your Ens look like the structure of the Inst in the tutorial), or right-click on the structure background to make a new Instrument.
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    I cant help much, having the full version, so I don't know the workarounds and basic for dealing with the player or trial limitations. But in general, the Reaktor interface needs to load either "ensemble" files (—.ens) or "player" files (—.rkplr) to do anything, and that little box you refer to (labeled Instrument, or in your case, End-New, not seen that… Is it maybe Ens-New instead?) is only visible in a new, empty ensemble.

    In the full version, you simply drag any existing .ens or .rkplr file from anywhere on your computer into the main interface and it will replace whatever ensemble or player is there already, which if you'd previously invoked a new empty ensemble with cmd-n, will show that little box and have nothing else inside it. You can also drag or double-click .ens or .rkplr files from the sidebar's left-most tab to replace whatever's currently loaded, either new or whatever else you'd just been playing with. In the full version, that New empty ensemble is where you start building new things, but I doubt you can do that with the Player or trial…? In either case, just to have something to play with, you want to replace New with something already built.

    So, basically, I'd say ignore that empty, new ensemble and track down whatever content came with the trial version and drag something from that list in to replace that empty file. HTH!
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    Trial Vertion? i didn't even know there was such a thing...
    there's the Reaktor Player, ( i think that is free ) that loads the basic library ensembles, and any other Reaktor Instruments you own.
    but that's about the best your going to do without the full vertion...

    if that's for real, you barely going to figure anything out before the trial terminates.....i would give up now.
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