Touch sensitive knobs should also be able to auto write to host automation

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    Currently in e.g. Logic Pro X, you can set certain Maschine parameters to be Host automation. This works well except it would be great if the knobs sent automation continuously while touched like it does for Maschine's own internal automation lanes when you have 'Touch Auto Write' enabled in Maschine. As it is now if you have a Touch automation mode in a Logic track and you're messing with an automated parameter, as soon as you stop moving it, it goes back to the original value.
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    Hum... AFAIK that's how it is for all software, it's only an issue if you're looping.

    The knobs do not continuously send data while touched even internally, the knob just stays in the last received/written value.
    It's easy to check, if you start recording modulation midway thru a pattern, rotate a button and hold it (maintain touch) when it loops again you still end up with this:
    Meaning it will snap back to the original value and does not write continuously; if it did once the pattern looped and you kept touching the knob it would overwrite a flat line of automation over what you previously did on the first pass.

    This won't be a problem if you're not looping a section because the last value will 'stick', so for working linearly it works. Have you ever observed a DAW that gets around this issue by continuously writing data with touch? I am not aware.

    Anyway, what you're suggesting would be kind of cool but not as default behavior, if it were to be a on/of toggle option I would like it.

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    Hmm the way Touch automation works on control surfaces in DAWs typically is that as long as you have your hand on the knob/fader, it doesn't revert to the old value. Maschine doesn't seem to pass this behavior with its touch sensitive knobs, to Logic as a host. Therefore after about a half a second, Logic reverts even though you haven't let go of the knob.