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Traktor 2.6 flux mode + loop bug

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by papichulo, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. papichulo

    papichulo New Member

    hey guys this feature doesn't work.. after looking into the demo version it actually causes the looping function to crash... i'm using cdjs 2000 and whenever i loop in flux mode, it doesn't work... moreover whenever i turn on/off flux mode i can enable loops, but i can't adjust my loops in an out... then after turning on flux mode on and off it causes my cdjs looping function to start blinking constantly even when i exit loop... then i have to restart program....

    is there going to be fix on this? i'm not too happy about it!
  2. NitroDublin

    NitroDublin NI Product Owner

    +1, I can't get the looping in flux mode working! No problem with triggering the hotcue points, just this extremely important little thing... :angry:
  3. traktortips

    traktortips Forum Member

    I have gone into keyboard mapping and set up a key to toggle flux mode on and off.

    2 issues:

    1. it doesnt seem to do anything and
    2. there is no on screen feedback to say if the flux is on or off - I guess I will have to set that up to either the X1 or F1......

    Anyone else having the same issues with the flux not doing anything?
  4. mykejb

    mykejb NI Product Owner

    I'm surprised there's no on-screen indication of flux mode state - changing the colour of the A/B/C/D on the deck would be pretty good.

    As it is, on the S4 I've mapped Shift+DeckC and Shift+DeckD buttons to turn on/off the flux mode on A/B and holding the shift down shows the status on the DeckC and DeckD LEDs. Seems to be ok, trying it live on Sat night

  5. st3pupdj

    st3pupdj New Member

    Flux mode only works for cue/loop points and beatjumping, unless you have a HID interface such as F1 Z2 S4 Nexus etc.
    You can check that flux mode is active by clicking on and holding down a cue point while the track is playing.
    You can also combine holding the cue point button with activating a loop at the same time but this is still only a fraction of what should be possible with flux mode. All in all it's exactly the same situation as we were left in with the remix decks, buy another NI product or live with a demo version of Tracktor functionality.
  6. gelivan

    gelivan Forum Member

    Is it normal that it doesn't work in Scratch Control? While in Internal Playback, Flux Mode works when I "scratch da mouse".

    Would be great to see it working with Scratch Control.
  7. Stevan

    Stevan NI Product Owner

    +1 on this.
  8. longshot22

    longshot22 Forum Member

    Got it working. I"m not sure what controller you're using. but you have to map a button for "Loop Set" for each deck. This button will hold the "loop Roll type effect in flux mode. You can then shorten or lengthen loop by selecting the length you want (1/32,1/16,1/4,1/2,1 etc).
    Flux mode cue points and loop rolls work with scratch control in internal mode. I haven't got scratching in flux mode to work yet.

    You need the right mixer though.

    Traktor Scratch Pro 2.6 + Pioneer DJM-T1= Awesome!
  9. traktortips

    traktortips Forum Member

    Holding down the loop button on the X1 whilst flux mode is on seems to work great and even displays a nice green bar as it is in flux, but one has to hold it down!

    It would be nice if NI would implement a small section of this green bar to be constantly lit if flux mode is active!:D:D
  10. mrpud

    mrpud Forum Member

    I have an S4, scratching in flux works really well, though i don't like that you have to keep the loop knob held down to do loop rolls.

    I really don't know why NI did not make a button on the track deck for Flux mode, it such a key feature for this update and something I personnally have been waiting for on Traktor for a while, I just can't see why they wouldn't want a button, which would also help identify if it's actually on or not if the button turned green when it's on.
  11. traktortips

    traktortips Forum Member

    I am hoping they will incorporate this as time moves on!;)
  12. woody101

    woody101 New Member

    Flux mode - hold button?

    I too am frustrasted with having to hold down the loop button on the X1 controller in order to use flux mode. As you need to hold down the button and, quite often, turn it at the same time to adjust the number of beats being looped, it sometimes ends in disaster...

    Is anybody aware of a fix for this using midi mapping? For example, what if I could changing the mapping on the X1 controller to say that when flux mode is on, I only have to push the loop button once (like normal looping), rather than needing to hold it down?
  13. Count Zero

    Count Zero ModerAUtor Moderator

    The whole point of flux mode is that when you activate anything that jumps in the track eg Hotcue or Loop etc is when you let go it jumps back to where you supposed to be in the track. If you want to activate a loop and not have to hold it down you need to turn flux mode off.
  14. DJ MAD NL

    DJ MAD NL NI Product Owner

    I have the Flux mode on the CDJ2000 mapped to the Direction switch and the reverse light as an indicator Flux is on, works flawless. I flip the switch and have visual feedback that the Fluxmode is on. I can juggle with Cue points and Loops and flip the switch back to get out of the Flux mode. Not much need to upgrade to the CDJ 2000 nexus.
  15. Dj Max-Matic

    Dj Max-Matic Forum Member

    +1 I would like to hear more about scratching w/ flux in external mode.
  16. traktortips

    traktortips Forum Member

    Liking this idea!:D
  17. traktortips

    traktortips Forum Member

    Yes - It seems as though Traktor has only made this to work when controlled via some internal message such as midi or keystroke (mouse press) Using scratch control doesnt work in flux mode (unless you are scratching a controller such as plattes on s4 or the cdj 900 / 2000.

    I wonder if this is something possible to implement in future updates or if it is technically impossible?:p
  18. Count Zero

    Count Zero ModerAUtor Moderator

    It is not technically possible because traktor can't know whether you are scratching or phase shifting or what. It can only know these things when using a midi controller because each action is a specific midi command.
  19. traktortips

    traktortips Forum Member

    I thought this might be the case - it seems like NI is trying to move away from scratch control all together and make the move towards midi or CDJ HID. Possibly a wise call. :cool:
  20. mastermc

    mastermc NI Product Owner