Closed Traktor 3 (& 2): Key-shifting causes sync to shift

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    Win10 - i7 4.1Ghz (8core) 32G ram etc etc. doesn't look like machine specs affect this.
    Please also see the forum post

    sync on
    playing the same track in both decks. hit play at the same time.
    key lock off - both in sync - all good
    turn KL on, on one deck, you can hear slight phasing
    turn KL on, on both decks you can hear a small shift, and phasing. If they were different tracks you might not notice it.
    shift the key of deck A then deck B so they are both now +2.
    when you turn key lock on and off you can hear a big mismatch in the beats. They are in time but the beats are not sync'd.

    You only have to key shift dramatically one deck and you can hear it go out of sync.
    You can actually hear it if both decks have KL on, and one deck is shifted +2.

    quick update. it is also in TP2, but not quite as bad.
    Simple test. start a track in deck a, hit sync. drag it over to deck b - it should play at the same time and in sync. all should sound fine if KL is off.
    turn KL on, on both decks then simply key shift one deck. The sync goes out.
    it must be the elastic time stretching that is causing this

    defo a bug that needs fixing.