Traktor DJ and DJM 900 Nexus

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR DJ (for iPhone and iPad)' started by DJChrisEvans, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. DJChrisEvans

    DJChrisEvans New Member

    Will Traktor DJ work with the DJM 900 Nexus?
  2. loopbg

    loopbg NI Product Owner

    Not likely, unless Pioneer release class compliant drivers for their mixer(s).
  3. mathewcanavan

    mathewcanavan Forum Member

    Hope they do as I just bought a djm t1 rather than a z2. Could of been a bad decision.
  4. loopbg

    loopbg NI Product Owner

    T1 doesn't work with iPad for Audio. Only the MIDI works (usable with DJPlayer)

    Z2 does work for Audio in internal mixing mode, but not MIDI.

    None of the two really does the job with iPad. I got a VCI400, although I wanted one of the two (t1 or z2) too.
  5. henrikmaneuver

    henrikmaneuver Member

    I've been working with Traktor DJ + Z1 for a while and am starting to see the limitations. I've thrown in my Pioneer RMX 1000 to bounce up the effects a bit but I just realized what really could shoot Traktor DJ into the "pro" area - DJM Nexus support. None of my colleagues are currently using Traktor DJ but almost all laptop users are really curious and are looking into the possibilities. For us DJ's that mainly play two tracks at a time and uses some effects but still wants to use a "club range" mixer Nexus support would close the deal. Don't get me wrong, the Z1 does the trick, but is a bit flimsy at times. And the effects in Traktor DJ doesn't float my boat.

    So throw in Nexus support in Traktor DJ and you will reach a whole new range of DJ's that rather would leave their laptop at home. And make me a happy puppy!