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Traktor DJ S2 Grid and CUE

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR DJ (for iPhone and iPad)' started by geraud03, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. geraud03

    geraud03 New Member


    On TRAKTOR DJ on iPad :

    how to remove beat grid when we add CUE, impossible to have cue where I want .. only on the grid ...

    Thx !!!
  2. tmccoy

    tmccoy Forum Member

    I'm not sure this is supported by TraktorDJ. The S4 has the dedicated Snap and Quantize mode buttons that would solve your issue and allow you to place hot cues exactly where you want, but the option doesn't exist in TraktorDJ's preferences - at least not when disconnected from any S2/4 Mk2 (which I don't own).
  3. trance alba

    trance alba Forum Member

    All cues in TDJ are quantised to the beat grid, but not specifically to individual beats.

    If you press the freeze button and zoom in as far as possible, there are 16 different possible positions between each beat that you can set a cue, or 64 possible cue positions per bar.

    It's unlikely you'd need a finer degree of accuracy for cue points than that, but if it still wasn't enough, and there was just one cue that you needed bang on, and you weren't using sync, you could just move your beat grid so that one of the 16 positions between each beat, lines up with the place you want a cue.
  4. Native Coconut

    Native Coconut Member

    Adjust the beat grid so the grid lands where you want to place the cue... and then readjust the grid back to it's original position.