Traktor Effects - Use cases/Examples?

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  1. DCPlus14

    DCPlus14 Forum Member

    Hi everyone,

    I use traktor typical for most types of electronic music, mainly house and it's subgenres, and techno as well.

    I have the traktor bible, and although it does mention each effect and what the parameters do, I wonder if we could start a thread and cover each effect in detail maybe.

    The idea would be, similar to Traktor Bible, identify each effect and it's functions. Give audio examples suggestion how/when maybe to use such an effect. I understand that one aspec of being a DJ is tailoring your tools to your own style and ability, at the same time there are some fundamental approaches to when one should/could use effects (filters, phasers, echo, etc).

    Since Traktor provides us with a plethora of choice, it can be a little overwhelming to decide which effect to use and when, especially even when you dig into chaining each one up as well.

    I am not sure this is the proper forum to pose this question, but if you have any ideas, suggestions, opinions, please post them.
  2. rainerh

    rainerh NI Product Owner

    That sounds like a great idea. When there other users sharing their experience and use cases I could compile the information and create a separate page on for it.
    After some weeks very useful information from the forum is not always easy to find. Having one place to check for additional information would help everybody.

  3. DCPlus14

    DCPlus14 Forum Member

    To start off I'll give an example, don't have an audio clip yet (at work right now).

    Gater Effect in Advanced Mode

    Starting mode: Dry/Wet = 0; Noise: Middle; Shape = Middle: Rate: 1/4.

    Song is building up to a point where the main beat drops (lots of constant bass).

    About 32 or 64 beats before this point, I enable the Deck's Effect unit option (I am using Effect Unit 2). Also, raise the Dry/Wet to about 30%.

    Say we use 32 beats before my goal, I apply the filter as above for the first 16 beats. The next 8 or 12 beats I will change the rate, Rate: 1/16; The last 8 or 4 beats then I adjust the rate again, Rate: 1/32.

    Once I hit my point in the song, I reduce the Dry/Wet to 0.

    This creates somewhat up an additional build-up sensation to the song to emphasize the sound you want your audience to hear.
  4. Marc_Tf

    Marc_Tf NI Product Owner

    Cool! I'm also very interested in some great working chained combos.
  5. DCPlus14

    DCPlus14 Forum Member


    I like that idea.
  6. autonic

    autonic NI Product Owner

    great initiative! (let's hope this one doesn't die out like similar threads have done)
    I can contribute with a rather simple one that unfortunately only work on some breakdowns:

    Reverse Grain in Advanced Mode
    Load the effect and turn all knobs to 100% (including dry/wet)
    At your designated point hit the ON button which will make the reverse grain sample the coming 4 beats and loop them.
    Now slowly start unwinding the third parameter towards 0 and the loop will begin to slow down. Make sure you keep looking at the wave form so you can see when the drop comes. Time it so that you've turned the third parameter all the way to minimum (0) just before the drop, and then crank down the dry/wet to zero.

    This method works best on songs that has complete slience 4 beats before the drop comes. Preferrably with a boom, a scream, a vocal sample or something like that.
  7. AntiTelo

    AntiTelo Forum Member

    Yeah, a great idea and topic. But with audio clips it would be even better
  8. bikkembergz

    bikkembergz Forum Member

    Great idea. I think too that audio clip or video example + text explanation is the best way!
  9. pascal75

    pascal75 Forum Member

    can't wait to see more of these kind of posts!:)
  10. rainerh

    rainerh NI Product Owner

    I started creating the page, will be ready soon.
    Anybody else who wants to share his fX knowledge?
    Please post here

  11. rainerh

    rainerh NI Product Owner

    The page is online now on
    The link is in the Traktor 1.2 menu at the left.
  12. outernational

    outernational New Member

    Thanks Rainerh, the FX demo on your site is great. I just wanted to add that the "timed comments" feature of soundcloud would be a better way than a std flash player to illustrate the effects.
  13. MichelR

    MichelR Forum Member

    I think that Google Wave for Traktor comes in handy here.
  14. johnny a

    johnny a Forum Member

    id second that, the soundcloud method would be beterr i think. anymore ideas on combined effects?
  15. flupke70

    flupke70 New Member

    Keep this thread alive

    Hi everybody
    this is such an interesting thread for people like, who are beggining djing withount any knowledge in this domain.
    So please keep this thread and this tutorial alive because they were useful to me!
    thank you
  16. djquartz

    djquartz NI Product Owner

    Loop Roll & Censor Emulation:


    FX unit 1 (Send Mode) for Send Effects - Dry/Wet - 60% - Chained

    Note: FX Unit 1 is irrelevant for this, I'm just indicating how my panels are setup.

    FX unit 2 (Insert Mode) for Insert Effects, Dry/Wet - 100% - Chained
    - Beatmasher 2 (Effects 1) - Set by Hotkey(S) - Loop Roll Effect
    - Turntable FX (Effects 2) - 100 % - Censor Turntable Stop Effect
    - Reverse Grain (Effects 3) - 100% - Censor Reverse Effect

    Loop Roll is using FX unit 2, Effects Slot 1

    Enable FX unit 2 routing for Deck A & B by clicking the #2 button.

    There is some logic required so it would be easier for me to provide a tsi to import just these assignments but I will briefly explain.

    U = Censor (Reverse Grain 100%)
    Shift + U = Censor (Turntable FX 100%)

    Ctrl + Alt + 1 - 5 = Loop Roll for Deck A
    Ctrl + Alt + 6 - 0 = Loop Roll for Deck B

    The logic is because it's an insert effect when Loop Roll is engaged it has to disable FX #2 routing for Deck B until the keys are released.

    ie: Deck A Loop Roll hold, Deck B FX #2 Routing OFF
    Deck B Loop Roll hodl, Deck A FX #2 Routing OFF

    This stops the effects from altering the opposite decks output when enabled.

    Deck A

    Ctrl Alt 1 = Beatmasher 2 @ 0.000
    Ctrl Alt 2 = Beatmasher 2 @ 0.220
    Ctrl Alt 3 = Beatmasher 2 @ 0.500
    Ctrl Alt 4 = Beatmasher 2 @ 0.750
    Ctrl Alt 5 = Beatmasher 2 @ 1.000

    Deck B

    Ctrl Alt 6 = Beatmasher 2 @ 0.000

    and so on...

    This allows you to create some quick loop fills and stutter effects on the fly.
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