Traktor Features needed

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Mr Diamond, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. Mr Diamond

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    Most important:
    1) Autoplay - need an option for autoplay that doesn’t change song when you touch the faders (so if you get back to the decks and forget it’s on autoplay it doesn’t ruin the party. I’ve been burned by this so many times).

    2) Would be great to be able to SEARCH PLAYLISTS or FOLDERS, not just individual songs, instead of having to hunt for them (or even the option to, eg Playist: Bangers

    3) Another thing that would be great is to search for all all the playlists for which a song is in, including history. That was you can find good songs that go with the song you’re currently playing

    Some less important things, but things that would be awesome
    4) Need to be able to select multiple playlists and drag into a folder (control click?)

    5) Be able to scroll through the track collection on the s8 screen, not just within playlists (so can look at all songs in library for a bpm without having to go to the screen)

    7) When searching - Can’t skip to the end of a word using the option button and the across arrow like you can on the rest of the mac, would love that shortcut