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Traktor Kontrol s2 led triangle flashing light

Discussion in 'Technical Issues (Archive)' started by Moose5, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Moose5

    Moose5 New Member

    Hey Guys

    I have just purchased the new traktor s2 and love it. Only probelm is the triangle led warning light is flashing. When i first turn the traktor on it doesnt flash, its not until i open up the software on my computer it starts to flash, i have got my laptop plugged in to constant power so couldnt be that any ideas?

  2. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator


    The Alert symbol flashes when either the laptop power supply or the S2 power supply is not plugged in or if the headphone volume is too low.

    Also, please don't double post.

  3. Moose5

    Moose5 New Member

    ok thanks how do i adjust the headphone volume just on the traktor itself? also my speakers crackle a little bit when im playing music do you know how to get rid of that?have a gig next week will like to have it sorted.

    ok sorry will keep that in mind

  4. BernStod

    BernStod New Member

    I had this problem as well and it was not due to the headphone volume or the laptop battery. A high use of your CPU will also cause this. When Pro2 is open, at the top you will see where it says the time. And to the left of the time it says "Load." I'm guessing that when you begin to play a track the load meter is in the red.

    When this happened to me, I again checked my computers specs against the software's min requirements. I have almost double what I need there so my next step was to completely uninstall the software, and then re-install it. Works perfectly now.

    One thing you may try doing before uninstalling and reinstalling is to play around with the latency a bit. That might make a difference.
  5. Moose5

    Moose5 New Member

    yeah thankyou very much for your help i uninstalled the software then re installed and the led light has stopped flashing and the speakers are sounding great.

    Thankyou were a big help