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    I'm a rookie at posting in the Forum. I posted the message below as a reply to a previous post but, here it is again.

    I'm trying to figure out a problem with my S4 now. I will share the details later but, for now, does anyone have a link to download the older S4 Driver Version 3.0.0.

    I would like to try this driver as I'm using the Version 2.9xxxx

    I was able to download it from NI back in December as a zip file. Today, I unzipped it and tried to run the install. Half way through the install and I get a warning for something like network error. Whatever that means, I don't care. I figure the zip file is corrupt. I checked NI downloads but driver V. 3.0.0 doesnt seem to exist on the list of downloads any longer.
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    They have 3.0.2 available if that works. If not I can send you a private link.
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    Pops and delays of audio in headphones only -SOLVED

    All these years of tweaking Windows has paid off. I was emailing with Tech Support about my issue but really, I figured it out myself.

    I WAS running XP SP3. For some reason, my OS didn't like Traktor or any of the V 3.x.x drivers. It didn't even like the controller editor upddate.

    I followed all the reccomended tweaks but nothing worked. Even a clean Traktor install didn't work.

    I finally broke down and installed WIN 7 64bit on my pc. I needed to do it anyway. Iwas just trying to avoid all the work.

    Traktor installed perfectly. Runs nice. No pops. No delays. The proper ASIO driver now shows up in the drop down list. I'm sticking with the driver version 3.0.0. since it works and I'm reading about problems with newer v 3.0.2.

    I have the zip file of V3.0.0.
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    Left deck will not scratch, right deck scratches fine. Brand new set up yesterday?