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Discussion in 'TRAKTOR LE / TRAKTOR ME' started by liviu88, Dec 14, 2010.

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  1. liviu88

    liviu88 New Member

    I'll start by saying hello to the Traktor family . I recently bought a Behringer BCD 3000 , it came with a Traktor LE . I instaled the BCD3000's drivers , and the NI with Traktor LE , it works , but not entyerly , my first problem is that the headphones aren't working and the second is that the fx controls do not react , i can see them on the monitor moving while i control them but there is no reaction in the sound . Can anyone help me ?
    Details about my pc ... it is a desktop with windows 7 os , intel core 2 duo , with a built-in sound card (realtek hd audio) . I have a working 5.1 speaker system . And attached to it , by usb the BCD3000 .
  2. TomDooley0075

    TomDooley0075 NI Product Owner

    hi and welcome!

    the bcd has an 2x stereo audio interface built in, right?
    use these with the ASIO drivers it comes with, select the MAIN/MASTER OUT for amplified speakers (or whatever) and the MONITOR OUT to your headphones in the prefs.

    If your controller react not the way you expect it, import the .tsi controller file for the BCD3000 - it's on the CD or at
  3. mikesilence

    mikesilence Forum Member

    Or run through the setup wizard in Traktor
  4. Lysergic D

    Lysergic D New Member

    Hello everyone.

    I have a notebook ACER ASPIRE - 5536 with AMD processor, Realtek audio driver and running Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit and Windows XP 32 bit but both of them doesn't work with BCD3000.

    I try to disable wifi, anti-virus, firewall. Install and reinstall all versions of the drivers ASIO and the drivers from BCD3000 and still not working.

    - If i disconect all cables and turn off my notebook and BCD3000,
    - them plug de cables in BCD3000 and my notebook,
    - turn on my notebook and them the BCD3000,
    - let the BCD3000 settings tools aplication rise up in the tray so I strart de Traktor LE and go to soundcard options.

    There, i select the first (1º) option of three:

    1º BCD3000
    2º Internal soundcard device
    3º BCD3000 (Internal sync)

    All controlers on the BCD3000 became active and i can set some parameters like EQ, Faders, all buttons and manualy pitch band fader. So when a push play, the musics dont play and goes too slow, very very slow.

    Please dont tell me that i buy one product that says that it works on windows based system and its a lie.

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  5. TomDooley0075

    TomDooley0075 NI Product Owner

    first of all, some specs are not the best for flawless Traktor use. unfortunetly your system hits these nearly 100% but it's - of course - possible to get this goin', we just need a little more patience..

    Did you intall this driver: ?

    Make sure you
    - set the battery/power management to maximum/high performance!
    - disable all power safe options for the USB port
    - use a shielded USB cable - the given ones from the manufactors are not the best!
    - try different usb ports at your laptop and install the driver again if needed
    - most of ACER systems have a nVidia grafics, install the latest driver for that or use the driver from windows!

    in Traktor:
    - select the ASIO driver for your BCD3000
    - set the sample rate to 44,1 kHz, 16 bit
    - audio latency (do you know what that is?) set to >11,5s (just for checking)
  6. Lysergic D

    Lysergic D New Member

    Hi Tom.

    I did everthing in the system that i could hear about.

    But i have another problem with other conputer running XP. The BCD3000 ASIO with 4 channels cannot be used, i just can use the 2 channel mode (2 in, 2 out).

    I'm starting to think that a i have factory problems in BCD3000.

    Did you know if is that normal?

    Thank you!
  7. TomDooley0075

    TomDooley0075 NI Product Owner

    Hi unfortunetly I have no BCD or had one, maybe you local dealer can give you a new device just for checking.
  8. Lysergic D

    Lysergic D New Member

    Thanks again Tom.

    I already send a e-mail to my dealer and now i have to wait.

    Anyway, i have to open another topic about how to make the BCD300 leds light up when u use a custom midi configuration.
  9. tomwiththeweather

    tomwiththeweather New Member

    The BCD I have is also being glitchy, similar issues, in windows vista. Very annoying, I am thinking of Serato and vinyl...
  10. TomDooley0075

    TomDooley0075 NI Product Owner

    A running system for digital djing is no miracle. Please Read all the Win Vista/Xp and general optimizing "Sticky threads" here at the forum.

    99 of 100 systems are Running flawless after that.
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