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    I am attempting to use an old Gemini mixer as an external mixer with Traktor LE.

    I am connecting using a Komplete audio 6, I have the white & red rca connectors from line 1 connected to a 1/4 jack that I plug in to L balanced out on Komplete, then the same for line 2 in to R balanced out.

    In settings I can only hear the deck if its assigned to Main Output, using output 3 L & 4 L will not let me listen to the deck.

    As I must assign main output for both decks tractor will play decks A & B in both channels on my mixer at the same time, apart from that the mixer controls are fine, please help!

    Hope I'm making sense,,,,,

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    The KA6 outputs 1,2,3 and 4 are only mono outputs. So for a stereo signal you need to use the pairs 1/2 (1=left / 2=right) and 3/4 (3=left / 4=right).

    So you connect KA6-output 1/2 to line 1 on your mixer and KA6-output-3/4 to line 2 on your mixer.
    Then in Traktor Preferences - Output Routing you need to use External Mixing Mode and assign Deck A to KA6 Main-1/2 and Deck B to KA6-3/4.

    More info can be found in the included Traktor manuals.
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    Thanks very much, I have been attempting to connect one channel to 5/6 rca, and one to balance 3/4, I need to get 2 more 1/4 jacks!

    Thanks a lot & merry christmas!