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Traktor Pro 2 Update 2.1.1 Mixdeck Problems (Please help)

Discussion in 'DJ Controllers' started by Dj Vicious, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Dj Vicious

    Dj Vicious New Member

    Whats up guys !

    Ok ! Ever since traktor pro 2 version 2.0.3 came out my mixdeck goes completely crazy ! What i mean by crazy is that when i plug in my mixdeck then open traktor, i load a song, press the "scratch" button and when i put my hand on the jog wheel it complety skips around by about 4 bars in each direction screeching at this high frequency ! When i press the search button and touch the wheel it goes to the end of the song. When nothing is selected and the jog wheel is touched i increases pitch by 200bpm.
    This caused me to downgrade back to 2.0.2 where everything worked just fine. . .
    So today when i installed the 2.1.1 software it did the same exact thing as the 2.0.3

    So i guess im stuck with 2.0.2 -__- this unless i get some help :)

    Really if you can help please do so.

    -Dj Vic
  2. DJ_Instigator

    DJ_Instigator New Member

    2.03 has a bug. Stick with 2.02. I haven't seen anyone get 2.03 working properly with the MixDeck... I'm still on 2.01.
  3. dj three

    dj three Forum Member

    you have to set up a new .tsi file with the 2.1.1. update.

    1) use the set wizard
    2) set up a new file
    3) remap any controls you had set.
    4) it will work fine after that