Traktor Pro & Bcd3000 SETUP FILE!

Discussion in 'DJ Controllers' started by grindy, Nov 1, 2008.

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  1. cheft

    cheft Forum Member

    Click Preferences
    Click Midi Mapping
    Scroll down and select "CD-DJ Jog"
    Reduce the Rotary Sensitivity
    You can also change the Type of Controller.
    (7Fh;01h) is faster, (3Fh;41h) is finer

    Do you have "SNAP" enabled? This helps you drop a cuepoint on a beat easily.
    I haven't used LE in a long while. Can you be more specific about what you are looking for?

    I'll look into the 'Scratch' button thing.
  2. boxocube

    boxocube Forum Member

    sorry, meant to reply, ive adjusted the jog wheels to suit by editing your tks.

    also, for some reason the scratch button only happens every so often?no idea whats causing it.

    now i need to find a map for the nanopad so i can trigger effects and the like :|
  3. cheft

    cheft Forum Member

    BCD-3000 4-Deck Mixer
    Traktor Pro

    Download: HERE

    Run the BCD3000 driver software in STANDARD MODE.
    You must have Traktor Pro 1.0.2 or later for this TSI to load correctly.

    This map is based off my own personal map. It's not a map for the control freak, but for someone who is simply using the BCD-3000 as a mixer. There is no: cue play, set cue, tempo fader, pitch bend, scratch, & support for mic/phono. Instead, you get, what I think is a great working 4-deck mixer with quick access to FX and Filters.
    Note: You really need to set your beatgrids to use this map well. On the fly loading is at your own risk.

    Filter/FX Control:
    The first three buttons and knobs control the FX sections. The last knob is the D/W.
    When the FX2 MOD key is pressed the buttons will now control the \FX bank 2
    When FILTER is pressed, the knobs and buttons will control each deck filter.
    The order works as follows: FX1 < FX2 < FILTER
    (i.e. FX2 overrides FX1, and the Filter button is pressed, it will overrides all the FX)
    FX1 is bound to Decks A and C
    FX2 is bound to Decks B and D

    MACRO Functions:
    Pressing play for any deck also activates SYNC for that deck
    All LOOP buttons PHASE SYNC their decks to the Master

    Deck Mods:
    The areas contained in the colored boxes are the controls that are toggled back and forth when the MOD button for that deck combo is pressed.

    *Note on LED: Modifiers with multiple buttons and LED don't work with Traktor well.
    The LED for FX buttons 1-3 only light for FX1
    The LED for the EQ only light for Decks A and B

    Tip from ChefT: Set your own keyboard hotkeys for cue plays, tree/list navigating, and track loading.

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  4. kdean101

    kdean101 Forum Member

    WOW....... cheft is the man!

    4 decks seems a little to much for me to handle with this BCD but i give you props
  5. Musicologist_

    Musicologist_ New Member

    To Cheft:

    First off let me thank you for your wonderful work on the BCD3000 mapping for Traktor Pro, it really helped me and a lot of others out :) . However, I have a few questions (bug reports?)about it. I am using your BCD3000 mapping V 1.4a on Traktor Pro 1.1.1

    - When a track IS playing and I nudge the jog wheel clock-wise, the track BMP increses by 10. And when I nudge it anti clock-wise, the track BMP decreses by 10. Is it supposed to be like that ? I'm guessing it's not ? Because in the earlier versions this did not happen, and it's actually very annoying.

    - When a track is NOT playing and I move the jog wheel around, the scratch automatically turns on, and when I press play, the track doesn't play. I have to turn off scratch THEN play the track. Also I don't know if this is supposed to be like this ? Again, in the earlier versions this did not happen, and again, it's quite annoying.

    - The "Phones Vol" and "Master Output" aren't connected to Traktor, shouldn't they be ?

    - The "Bend - and +" in Traktor 3 used to work in a different way. If you press and hold "Bend -" the track keeps slowing down till it stops. And if it's not playing and you hold "Bend +" it keeps speeding up till it reaches the tracks actual BMP. Can that be done in Traktor Pro by changing the mapping ? If yes, how can I do that ?

    I'm really sorry I'm complaining, I hate being the one who's complaining about other peoples work. I really appreciate everything you've already done. So I hope none of this bothers you :(

    Anyways, any help would be much appreciated :)

  6. edwardmluk

    edwardmluk New Member

    I'm having really basic issues. I can load a tsi, but it never seems to make my bcd3000 work. Any button I press doesn't light up/do anything on the actual controller. The only thing that seems to work is if I press play on one of the decks on traktor, the light for the play button for that deck also lights upon the bcd3000. How on earth do I get my bcd3000 to work? It shows up in settings as a MIDI output device (emulated), but not as a MIDI input device. Is this the problem?


    PS, I'm on win7 RC (though I've heard that it should all work on this OS).
  7. adv_x

    adv_x New Member

    It's seems that V. 1.4a and Traktor Pro 1.1.2 not fully compatible

    I have problem with pitch adjust

    Sync button don't work

    Have any similar troubles?
  8. frustrated_digitaldj

    frustrated_digitaldj New Member

    I don't know what's going on?

    I have Cheft's version 1.4a loaded up on my desktop Imac (leopard 10.5.7) with the 1.1.2 version of Traktor and everything is great.....

    But I have the same set up on my brand new Macbook Pro and it's all f****d up?

    This is the one I really need it on as I've got important dates coming up...

    Can someone help please?

    Cheft, any answers?



    My Imac is working fine with 1.1

    Perhaps I have to roll back my laptop to 1.1
    That was really frustrating!

    But I have indeed rolled back to version 1.1 and also Cheft's tsi file 1.3

    Order and sanity restored it seems but I intend on spending a lot more time mixing tomorrow. But for now I can rest easy at least.
  9. gfrancis

    gfrancis New Member

    I'm having exactly the same problems and I would be extremally happy if someone could help us...
  10. cheft

    cheft Forum Member

    very sorry to all. I will try to watch posts more. See also my private forum for BCD usres. I will try to answer all your questions now:

    1. & 2. will be fixed in the upcoming fix for 1.4a.
    Sorry I tried to implemnt some new features, and they seem to be bad.

    3. The BCD unit will not send midi for the volume and master knobs. They only control the units internal volume, I do not know why they designed it like this.

    4. I'll play with the bend, but it's not a bCD thing as other users have same issue. I have heard that NI plans to change it.
  11. paulmcq

    paulmcq Forum Member

    hi guys

    im another one updated from le to pro

    how do i "import" your tsi?i can see "delete all" but cant see where i can import the tsi



    edit.ok, manged to import it.but the bcd300 doesnt seem to be working at all.any ideas?

    do i need to activate it somehow?
  12. ekli

    ekli New Member

    BCD3000 Microphone

    Hi everyone, I have microphone connected to BCD3000 and traktor pro, my question is if it is possible to use the microphone in traktor pro and using the traktor fx to the voice, I'm trying but I cant find out anything, thanks
  13. evileddietbird

    evileddietbird New Member

    Getting Scratch Function to work as I like it in Chefts TSi file (BCD3000)

    Hi All,

    First, thankyou Cheft for all your hard work... without it I would have been banging my head against a brick wall.... ouch.

    Now, I don't know if anyone else has already done this but in Cheft's (otherise excellent) v1.4 TSi I didn't like the way that when you pressed the scratch button the track stops and doesn't start again until you press the scratch button again. So I fiddled around with the midi map and came up with a solution that I like. This is:

    Using Cheft's TSi - For each deck click Preferences -> Midi Mapping -> Jog Scratch + Tempo Bend.

    Now change the Type of Controller to Jogg (3Fh;41h) and play around with the Rotary Sensitivity and Acceleration. Mine is set to 125% and 40% respectively.

    NB my M1 value is set to 0.

    This gives the effect that when you press the scratch button the deck stops, when you scratch it scratches, and when you release the jog wheel the deck starts playing.

    NB When the deck resumes playing the scratch button turns itself off which I quite like, however, if anyone can work out how to enable it to stay on, please let me know.




    Using Traktor Pro, BCD3000 on a Macbook Pro 2.2 running OSX 10.5
  14. kdean101

    kdean101 Forum Member

    anyone got an updated TSI for 1.2
  15. Larvi

    Larvi Forum Member

    update would be cool yeah :D
  16. Larvi

    Larvi Forum Member

    I just figured out the 1.4a file works almost perfectly with the 1.2.1 release, I just have 2 problems

    a) The jog wheel is not working properly, when I try to move it clockwise to beatmatch tracks the track I want to align on the other one is not being fast-forwarded but slowed down instead, and not even by much, just a tiny tiny bit. How can I change the sensitivity of that?

    b) When I hit the play button of a track and then the cue button to get the track back to a cue point, I have to hit the cue button TWICE after that to play again from the cue point, how can I change the mapping that I only have to hit the cue button once?
    What I mean is play a track -> hit cue button to stop it at the cue point -> hit cue again to play from that point on (currently I have to hit the cue button twice to play from the stopped cue point again, I have no idea why though)
  17. kdean101

    kdean101 Forum Member

    Im having issues with my headphones working with the Cues or working at all for that matter.
    it might be a TSI issue so i will download the 1.4a and see if this makes any difference

    has anyone else had this problem?
  18. nlemonnier

    nlemonnier New Member

    Thanks for the mapping !
    I have couple of things which do not work properly ( volume master, CUE A&B)
    Maybe it is because of the STANDARD MODE ?
    Could you tell me how to set it up ?

  19. jack_40k

    jack_40k New Member

    Yeah I also have this same problem. As well, I find that I can't set cue points in songs using the "set cue" button - it just stops playing and skips back to the beginning of the song :S

    I've tried having a fiddle with the midi mapping but I can't really work it :(

    Please help.
  20. adv_x

    adv_x New Member

    It's because "Set Cue" button mapped to "CUE Play", you need change it to "Loop In/Set Cue"
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