Traktor Pro Tutorial #1 - Cover Art Import

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by Thomas @ NI, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. Thomas @ NI

    Thomas @ NI Administrator NI Team

    Hi all,

    The Traktor team compiled a tutorial on how to best get cover art into Traktor Pro - see attachment. This is the first in a planned series of compact tutorials, so look out for more installments in the future!

    Inevitable disclaimer: All the tools mentioned in this guide are third-party software, so NI cannot take any responsibility for them.

    Regards, Thomas

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  2. acg3_Tf

    acg3_Tf New Member

    When I download this PDF it says that this file is corrupted. The other tutorial PDF works fine.

    Can anybody duplicate this or is it on my end only?
  3. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    opened fine in Foxit Reader 3.0
  4. Rick Dangerous

    Rick Dangerous NI Product Owner

    It would be nice if we could drag and drop a cover art from the
    explorer directely into the empty cover art section of a track -
    select track(s), drag, drop, finished.

    I hate this file dialog thing...
  5. Pakun

    Pakun New Member

  6. Program

    Program Forum Member

    Just got a mac, this will be useful, 10x
  7. brooksy

    brooksy Forum Member

    Well done NI, a very good tutorial.

    I will use this service none other than to look really really cool. :D

  8. ZILCH

    ZILCH NI Product Owner


    question with TuneUp:

    Its not gonna alter any of the ID3 Tags right?

    i mean im not gonna suddenly lose my hotcues and grids etc after it scanned my library and get covers for them?
  9. recombinant

    recombinant NI Product Owner

    @pakun (and anyone else): i think i'm missing something. after doing the doug's scripts embed artwork in itunes, the files are still not showing up in my collection with artwork...

    do i need to re-import them or invoke some other function in Traktor (TSP) to get them to show up?

  10. DJ Titan

    DJ Titan Forum Member

    i was wondering this as well.
  11. dannybyrne29

    dannybyrne29 NI Product Owner

    Is there a way to import the same cover art to multiple files at once...?
  12. pepehouse

    pepehouse Account Suspended

    Yes, just select them all at once by holding the control key or the shift key and right-click over the files so the menu appears then select "import cover" as you would do with one single file.
  13. dannybyrne29

    dannybyrne29 NI Product Owner

    Thanks Pepe..!
  14. djhd

    djhd New Member

    Been using J. River Media Center for years. For importing cover art, nothing better. I can copy the art from the internet (file location), and right click on the MP3 and paste URL info and it will copy the art directly into the ID3 tag. I didn't realize how good I had it, until I tried to manage cover art in Traktor & iTunes.
  15. chub2011

    chub2011 Forum Member

  16. pier

    pier NI Product Owner

    I have 2 computers with traktor. In one computer the files show their cover, but not on the other.... the very same files, with the same collection file...

  17. Count Zero

    Count Zero ModerAUtor Moderator

    There is a setting in preferences to show the cover art or not.
  18. DJEccentric

    DJEccentric Forum Member


    I have the sampe problem. it happend to my m4a's w/ the latest upgrade in Traktor. I'm running m4a lossless and NI says I should move to wav and remap all my art in Traktor.

    My settings are enabled and it is only happening to 90% of my collection. Assuming it's just the m4a's since that's what most of my collection is.

    1. Upgraded and lost art
    2. Coppied the collection to another computer
    3. The other computer needed to reanalize all of the files (topic for another fourm)
    4. The other computer shows all of the art but the original computer dosnt...

    I'll see if there are any quicktime or itunes updates that I may have put on that PC and not mine but... same thing is going on for me... If you find a way to fix it please let me know...

    That said...

    Thinking about following NI's advice if m4a is not a recommended file format and moving to wav.

    However… 4,000 Tracks are not going to be fun to remap…

    A nice feature would be if you had an import option to import art from the root directory.

    I save my art in the same folder as my tracks… If Import from root was there it would be a simple highlight all tracks missing art look for and acceptable file in the root directory and add it… you can even make it so if it doesn’t find the art in the root folder it looks to the next one back in the path until it finds a .jpg incase others have their art earlier in the albums path… maybe a prompt on conflict… eg. 2 files found pick one… etc…

    Anyone know the path to where the files are stored for Traktor after Import (PC).
    I'll have to copy over to other PC if/when I do this and cross my fingers that the other PC reads them...

    Guess I should also mention one system is W7x86 & the other is W7x64.
    The 64bit system is the one dropping the art. Not sure if this is the same for Pier...
  19. DJEccentric

    DJEccentric Forum Member

    Found the Fix....
    Select your entire collection, delete it & Re-Import your music folders. Make sure you select the top option to only delete your collection and to leave files and settings in tack.... (make a back up of your collection first....)

    When you re-import your music folders your art magicaly re-apears...

    Definitly a glitch... but this did the trick for me....

    Waiting on T2 before I move to wav or flac now....

    Hope this helps those who are loosing art...

  20. DJEccentric

    DJEccentric Forum Member


    Does anyone know where "Traktor tags" are stored so they can be transferred to other computers running the same setup? Do they get embedded in the .wav file or are they stored in the collection or is there a folder somewhere that has them.

    I see art is stored somewhere w/ in the Traktor file folders.... Does anyone know where that is as well?


    NI Says the following

    "It is possible for Traktor to add artwork to Wav files, however these are using
    Traktor tags since Wav files don't support ID3 tagging"

    Not exactly true. You can tag basic ID3 info into a .wav.
    dbpoweramp will imbed ID3 tag into a .wav.
    However you're still limited to basic tagging.... so I will have to go the Traktor route but will need to know where these tags and art is stored...
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