Traktor Scratch A6 With Traktor Scratch Pro 2 with remix decks.

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    Hi there guys, im new to Traktor and hope you guys could help me, I bought the above last week on Ebay, it came complete with everything in the box, i received the item on Tuesday of this week & set up an account with Native Instruments. After reading through a few items it became apparent that the seller has to contact Native Instruments so i messaged him and he contacted them, he advised it would take 48 hours for me to be able to register the serial numbers that came in the box and he also received a confirmation email that he sent me, this was Tuesday of this week. I left it till yesterday and tried to register the serial numbers on the website, but its still advising its registered to the previous owner, which is highly frustrating. I emailed Native Instruments and they replied that a new ticket has been created and they will be in touch.Does anyone know how long they take? Its really frustrating as i have everything and cant do nothing until they contact me.
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    You may need a little more patience here Chris. It can take up to 5 days for a product to be unregistered from someones account.
    I know it's frustrating but there is a procedure that NI have to follow (verifying that the software is indeed owned by the seller).

    If you have not had any joy in a couple of days get back onto this thread and I'll see what I can find out.
    I'm afraid a support ticket has to be in the system for 5 days before I am allowed to escalate it.

    If the seller 'has' unregistered the software it will get sorted soon enough...he 'should' have unregistered it prior to selling it to avoid this situation.