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::TRAKTOR Scratch Computer Optimization Tips::

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR SCRATCH' started by DJ Freshfluke, May 11, 2007.

  1. djgalloway

    djgalloway NI Product Owner

    Why so forceful rekh
  2. stratocruzr

    stratocruzr New Member

    well been following all these forum leads for the past week or so (due to latency spike i was getting about every 10 seconds) in the end what worked was turning off DVD drive. Latency has been real low but would get a spike that would ruin it all, now to start reactivating all that i turned off.

    cpu is dell inspiron 6400
    120gig HD
    1 gig ram
    256 mb video card
    manual does not get it all, it helps but in the end looks like as im reactivating all these things (Traktor manual) had me deactivate was unnceccessary.
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2008
  3. heydj

    heydj Forum Member


    Hey Guys, I have read alot of these posts, and decided to post my problem. Hopefully someone has some insight to it... As you can see from my software listed below, I am using Windows Vista, 1.8ghz processor, 3G RAM, 200G HD. The computer is great, the problem I had last week, and last night was I started getting 'clipping sounds' while music is playing. It doesn't matter if I am using my turntables (with time control) or not. At first, I thought it was the Audio 8 dj sound card, then I thought it was the mixer actually clipping. I didn't think it was clipping because the sound spikes weren't hitting with the kick of the bass, or basically what I thought would be the loudest sound. They were just very random.. After playing around with it, I switched out laptops half way through the night, to my other computer. It is a XP system with 1.5G RAM and 1.7ghz processor. Anyway, I did not have any problems with that computer at all, which told me the Audio 8 and Mixer were fine. Does anyone have any suggestions? I will try turning off the DVD in the device manger, but I have to be honest, I just bought the Numark 5000FX mixer and before that, never had a problem. I don't think it could be the mixer, also I just bought the Numark Total Control and am currently using that with it. I don't know what other info I could give, I will also send this to support to see what they come up with. Thanks, BR
    Oh Yah, I also always turn off everything I don't need to run Traktor. Thanks
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2008
  4. heydj

    heydj Forum Member

    ok guys, i just reposted this as a new thread. thought it may work better there. you can find it here- www.native-instruments.com/forum/showthread.php?t=66848
  5. stratocruzr

    stratocruzr New Member

    i start with latency checker, with that go through and start deactivating things (2 big items that worked for me were DVD drive and wireless card). If latency checker not the problem go with your latency settings just start bumping them up a step at a time till clicks go away. If you get to the point latency is higher than desired then go back through and see what else you can turn off and definitly run the optimization stuff in manual (with this i did most but not all of the suggestions, i ended up leaving my sound alone and background image, but all the rest were done).
  6. heydj

    heydj Forum Member

    Ok friends, I figured it out. I had to end up turning off everything in the background. Basically I followed all the steps on page 137 of the manual. I should have done that earlier, but I figured with 3G of RAM, I didn't need to, but I needed to. Anyway hope this helps the next person, peace-br
  7. jkcomputers

    jkcomputers New Member

    Just a comment about the wireless... I have to have mine disabled and its in windows xp... not vista...
  8. Recess

    Recess Forum Member

    Does anyone know WHY disabling wireless is so important? (other than with it on, you get glitches).

    What is it about Wireless that causes the problem, and how do you get around it? Just thinking about utilising buying stuff on Beatport mid-mix - not something I'd ever really do, but it seems a shame that I can never go online and download a new tune mid-mix if the mood fits (or the club-owner's wife insists...)

    (I still use Cd's live right now anyway, so it's not really and issue, but it'd be interesting for all the other folks who might like to be able to do this.)

  9. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    Its a combination of things that come together to cause Wireless cards and drivers to cause systems to perform poorly for realtime applications. The problem is partly firmware/hardware and partly O/S and driver related any and all can produce these glitches that stall time critical IO enough to cause the audio bufferes on a soundcard to dry up and the results are audio dropouts.

  10. Jameslee

    Jameslee New Member

    Hi guys,
    I just brought it’s lest then 1 weeks. It's really Good!
    I'm using its on friday and Sat Night. All The song is @ 328kbp (Bought from Beatport) and I really feel that I’m playing with Original CDs and the sound its like coming towards my console and Bass really Kicks and my soundman himself also say that its good.
    Most of my customer really enjoying themself the both night and give a very good comments.

    The only thing is, I'm using Records and CDs for the past 10years .
    Really not use to it. have to take time.

    About the latency, I have Disable all but there is still sppike latency.
    Is there anyway to find out where it's from?
  11. helicoptergame23

    helicoptergame23 New Member

    Helicopter Game

    pls give more information about the topic.. thnk U…

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