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Discussion in 'TRAKTOR SCRATCH' started by djdivide, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. djdivide

    djdivide NI Product Owner

    It’s here!

    Excellent, and, to be modest, I was right!

    This is just what we need – a dedicated soundcard with DVS!

    Well done NI, and sensible pricing too!
  2. nyquist

    nyquist New Member

    but no controller?
  3. Charles Felicio

    Charles Felicio NI Product Owner

  4. djquartz

    djquartz NI Product Owner


    I want to see pictures!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. djlazarus

    djlazarus NI Product Owner

    Where is a controller???
    The soundcard is great but we WANT and NEED a dedicated Traktor controller. One that meets the features of the software. I held me breath for weeks fro nothing. :( Please let me be wrong.
  6. Kako_BR

    Kako_BR Forum Member

    Pics, info, where? :-/
  7. Charles Felicio

    Charles Felicio NI Product Owner

  8. djquartz

    djquartz NI Product Owner

    The website isn't updated yet. I assume that will be up sometime this afternoon.
  9. djquartz

    djquartz NI Product Owner

    The TRAKTOR SCRATCH software is based on the powerful TRAKTOR 3 engine, but specifically tweaked for turntable/CD DJs. Features include:

    * Browsing in iTunes Playlists directly from within Traktor Explorer
    * Instant iPod Playlists recognition
    * High Resolution Timecode (2kHz)
    * Scrolling Playlist via Vinyl function
    * Automatic recognition of timecode medium (vinyl side A/B or CD)
    * Automatic input level normalization
    * Emergency mono mode in case of failure of one timecode channel

    Plus other features familiar to TRAKTOR 3 users:

    * High quality key correction for changing a tracks tempo without changing its key
    * Zoomable waveform displays for viewing track beats
    * Instant looping with selectable loop size
    * Beat jump- move within a track without losing track/tempo sync
    * High quality filters based on the renowned Xone:92™ club mixer
    * Professional effects such as reverb, tempo-synced delay, flanger and beatmasher
    * In-sync track copying from deck to deck for instant remixing

    Not bad for a baby T3!
  10. djdrixx

    djdrixx NI Product Owner

    Here is the quote of the reply I got from NI.

    Question : "If I buy the new Traktor Scratch in April, I already have Traktor 3 on my mac,
    will I be able to control the 4 decks of Traktor 3 with 4 different gears (ex: 2
    turntables and 2 CDJ 1000 at the same time) so I can get a \"vinyl control\" over
    the 4 decks of Traktor 3?"

    Answer : "with Traktor 3 and Audio 8 DJ you will be able to control two decks with timecoded
    vinyl or cd. But it still would be possible to use a midi controller to be able to
    scratch the third and the fourth deck."

    I must say that I'm a bit disapointed with this :-(
    No Traktor Scratch for me and no Audio 8 DJ then.
    I will continue to use my M-Audio Firewire 410 and my Xone 3D.
  11. Adman_Rob

    Adman_Rob NI Product Owner


    That was my take on looking at the IO on the interface. Only 3 turntable inputs, so only 2 decks could be controlled by timecode at any one time. It's not much more than is offered to those of us using FS with T3 currently. Nothing new.

    The interface looks great, well thought out but it's not ground breaking. As a package for those that don't own FinalScratch or even SSL it is an awesome option. If I were in the market for a DVS it would be on my shopping list.

    I would have liked to have seen the option of using any sound card with Traktor Scratch. NI could recommend that Audio 8 is to be used but users are free to use any interface (FS2 ScratchAmp, SSL, RME Hamerfall, etc), all that would be needed it the NI Traktor Scratch and the NI timecode vinyl or CD that you would need to buy. That would pull a lot of current SSL users to the Traktor fold and would accommodate the current FinalScratch users.

    Just my thought. I'm not a big Traktor or FS uses anymore as I have move in most part to Ableton Live so this does not make much difference to me.
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