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TSP2: The Positive Comment Thread.

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by rjrrmjet, Apr 4, 2011.

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  1. slipmind

    slipmind Forum Member

    While I do have a couple of issues, overall I'm pretty excited about the update.

    -Colored waveforms are a nice touch
    -I really like that in full browse mode you still see your decks in micro at the top. I'd always get a bit panicky if I was too long finding a good track to mix in
    -Sample Decks, FTW. These are going to change the way I play. I've always been a fan of looping and playing /w a 3rd deck, but this is just a wet dream :)
    -Assigning more than one deck to an output on your soundcard. Really handy, that.

    So for me, it's a couple of minor annoyances that'll likely get ironed out next update, one mayor piss-off, and a huge heaping pile of win with puppies on top.

    I'm really looking forward to spending some time w/ traktor again some day... stupid day job...

  2. theant2000

    theant2000 New Member

    I'm really happy with it. Costs peanuts, installed next to old version (this is genius work) and it seems very stable. I think a very successful release.:cool:
  3. Count Zero

    Count Zero ModerAUtor Moderator

    A couple of guys (myself included) have remapped the left browse encoder to browse folders instead of files.

    A couple of guys have posted their mappings in the X1 tsi library.
  4. kourampies

    kourampies Forum Member

    Im heavily disappointed with the FLAC bug not only being still present but being even worse. Also I cant properly beatgrid due to the tick bug.

    Also I dont like the waveform that shows only after the playing point when using cues or beatjump.

    Apart from this 3 major issues, I love tha sampler, the program feels somehow stabler, and Its generally a welcome update.

    One more time though, NI leaves its alpha, not even beta, testing to its paying customers, that use Traktor for their job. Im really dissapointed, since it seems thats NIs attitude towards its customers for the the last years. (Drivers, Traktor Pro Issues, Traktor 2 Issues etc.)
  5. djalbertobh

    djalbertobh Forum Member


    Hi there,
    There are several improvements. Some you can see, some not, like the new sync and tracks analyse process. They did a great job, but:
    1. I expected a better decks interface in order to have all information I'd like in less screen space.
    2. The samples doesn't works like real samples, even they have large experience in software. In my opinion NI has the best team for this kind of software but appear that the person that specified the samplers isn't a deejay. Why we cannot re-trigger a sample?
    Regards and long life to NI
  6. thejib

    thejib New Member

    agreed. I wish the samplers felt more like a sampler.. A get that it's a one shot, but it'd be a lot more exciting being able to use them like a cue point when a track is stopped. Leaves a lot more room for creativity. Also key lock would be awesome.. I'm guessing that will come.

    But that's not what the thread is about. I really like TSP2! I need to mess around with the vinyl timecode a bit more, felt a tad sloppy on the first run through but.. That could have just been me staring at the screen rather than focusing on the vinyl.
  7. djjasoncarroll

    djjasoncarroll NI Product Owner

    I do im at my gig already and its working a treat, I tested it wednesday and found a few nigglings but im trying to find work arounds, and doing so changes my dj style.

    change is good !
  8. shadow23

    shadow23 NI Product Owner

    I just upgraded 2 days ago and I have to say I like TSP2/TP2. Now I just have to read the manual to get know the features better.
  9. djwnm

    djwnm NI Product Owner

    TSP2 rocks for me, I run on late 2008 MBP 2.4ghz with 4gb ram latency to 2.9ms
    no spike and audio 8 dj with the latest driver that came with installation. No more switchin from audio 8dj to internal soundcard recocnizes automatically, great!

    Some minor issue that everyone seems to know about the waveform, On CPU
    with TSP1 comparsion, my above model is 10% more. Have to analyse all the songs but hey even Microsoft office converts all the old files before opening to run on the new version.

    I am so happy with my upgrade, it's like upgrading from honda civic to acura tsl

    Thanks NI! just keep Rocking!
  10. Sesso

    Sesso New Member

    Works great for me. The beat grid is messed up at 150 bpm. house music at 128 - 130 is fine though
  11. keithandjude

    keithandjude Forum Member

    The best feature for me is that I switch between an S4 and Denon DN-X600 and only need one program, TP2, It see's the relevant controller automatically. Previously I had to load the S4 program or TP. Ace....
  12. djmvt

    djmvt New Member

    I am positive with the new release of Traktor: have been playing with it for a few days now and no problems at all.

    Just make sure you use a computer ONLY for Traktor so make a clean as possible install of windows (using win7 32bit starter edition at the moment).
    dissable everything that is not needed to play with traktor (I dissabled ethernet, wireless en noticed a far better stabiltiy dissabeling ACPI accu settings in device manager).
    Also make sure there is no virus scanner, no auto update options etc. basicly everything that will use extra cpu cycles needs to be off!

    My traktor laptop is a celeron 2.2GHZ acer with 2GB memory.
    Didn't install any extra drivers, just win7 starter and the traktor package.
    Both 1.7.2 and 2.0.1 running perfectly with timecoded vinyl on 2 decks (dj4 hardware).

    I do have to say that I don't use any effects besides looping because my mixer has all effects build in so I cannot say how this will impact stability.
  13. rjrrmjet

    rjrrmjet NI Product Owner

    Took it to a mates house today who has never used it in his life and within half an hour he was rocking mixes and smashing the x1
  14. piedroporto

    piedroporto Forum Member

    so as of right now i can only spot one problem... the STUPID tittle of this topic! CLEARLY, everybody has nice things to say about it !

    gotta love those bashers and haters who simply like to point out the negative aspects of the new software. got 3 words for those people . actually 4....

  15. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    Noted ;)
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