Ultrabook for Traktor?

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  1. hometownhero

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    Hi guys

    I've been producing using NI products for ages and am (finally) ready to take the plunge into DJing with Traktor.

    Im going to buy a new laptop for this.. and quite fancy one of these new Ultrabooks, in particular im looking at this one: http://h40059.www4.hp.com/uk/ultrabooks/product.php?id=A7S50EA&experience=direct

    HP Folio 13 specs:
    Genuine Windows* 7 Home Premium 64
    Intel* Core™ i5-2467M processor (1.6Ghz)
    4GB memory
    128 GB solid-state drive
    Intel* HD Graphics

    Do any of you guys know if this laptop is going to be powerful enough to run Traktor 2 well?

    I know loads of you are going to say get a mac but I cant afford one:)

    Any help would be much appreciated as I dont have a clue! Thought id ask the experts

    Many thanks! :)
  2. davscanlon

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  3. dannybyrne29

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    its way powerful enough but you'll never know how it runs traktor till you've installed traktor and optimised your new lappy... thats the only problem with traktor.... its the luck of the draw unfortunatly especially with windows..!
  4. hometownhero

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    Ok cool ill give it a go cheers for the reply :)
  5. Mystic38

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    it uses a shared memory graphics card, so if its not an option for a dedicated card, i would suggest increasing the RAM.. (whihc has other benefits of reducing hard page faults)..
  6. Scaper7

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    Your audio interface will be a crucial deciding factor. Some interfaces will run well on an average windows lappy without any further 'tweaking'. Others will only work if you disable numerous computer features, run optimization scripts etc. Beware ... just because an interface is made by NI does not mean it will perform well on a Windows system, regardless how good the specs.
  7. hometownhero

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    Nice one cheers for the replies
  8. Pjotr123

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    I have an ultrabook as second lappy. When runinng Traktor (just tried it to see if I can use it as a backup), it runs quite hot. These ultrabooks are usually used for standard "on the road", office work. I doubt if you can use it for heavy applications, without problems in the long term. Just my 2 cts...
  9. ulriknedergaard

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    Did you buy it?

    Hey. Just landed on this post as I'm looking for something similar which is an ultrabook with the same specs as the one you mentioned. ( With i5 2467m and 4gb ram ).

    So .... did you buy it and if so - how is the performance?

    My use will be two channels controled by time code vinyl and sometimes CDs instead. No insane FX stuff besides the basic built-in stuff. :D