Upright Pianos

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    Upright Pianos- sounds with lots of character, depth, intonation issues, and heaps of playability. Beach Boys to Saloon Bar sounds.

    Emu/ Halion/ Kontakt/ AIFF €20 download.

    The pianos are a 1908 Hansons and a 1955 Ladbrooke, both British made.

    •Rich Aitken of Nimrod Productions: They're ace. Did the job wonderfully. (These guys created the soundtrack for the game and second series of 24. Rich used the pianos in two forthcoming PS3 games Astro Zoo and Super Rubber Dub).

    •William Coakley: I've enjoyed playing your pianos... even stuck the Hansons piano in a mix and it did just fine. For my taste number 3 with the V switch was my favorite but for a funky old upright sound for 'who about does beers' saloon playing... nothing like the Ladbrooke.
    (William created the PERFECT PIANO sample CDs)

    More info: http://www.madtheory.com/samples.html
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.