Urgent(ish) Feature Requests For TRK-01

Discussion in 'REAKTOR' started by wrbones, Jun 2, 2018.

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    After just playing around with it for a couple of night, I started using TRK-01 in production yesterday and I pretty quickly came up against a few issues that I think need to be addressed more urgently than in the usual run of product updates, just to make the instrument fit into normal production workflows a bit better.

    1. There needs to be a way to play the instrument using MIDI notes. I'd made peace with the way it is but then I hit a big snag. There is always one part in a any arrangement that requires a lot more effort than the rest. You need to try out half-a-dozen different synths and lots of sounds until you get it nailed down. Normally that's an easy process. In my host, for example, I can clone the entire track from one synth to another or I can selectively copy/paste just the bits I want to or, if I'm in a big hurry, I can just get the new synth to respond to the MIDI from the old one. That means I can try lots of options in a short time and easily A/B between the old and new options to confirm which works best. Not so with TRK-01 because it doesn't use the sequences I've already got set up, it has to be reprogrammed from scratch and then new sequencing has to be created to get it to switch between patterns. It's a LOT of work, especially with a sequencer that does offsets instead of notes. All it needs is a simple toggle switch to change how it responds to incoming MIDI note messages. That way it can retain it's existing mode of operation, which can definitely be handy in a lot of situations, plus it can be used in a more traditional manner with the Kick and Bass Synth parts responding to different MIDI channels or different MIDI Notes (reserve C0 for the Kick, or something like that).

    2. There doesn't seem to be any way to remove parameter locks once they are in place, which means any pattern with locks cannot be re-used without being cleared completely. This could be implemented with a right-click to remove, similar to removing a note.

    3. A simple way to mute the outputs would be nice. As soon as you press play in your host, TRK-01 starts making a racket. That means you need to keep a pattern empty on each sequencer so that you can mute it, which seems like a waste when you only have 8 patterns to play with. Obviously it's easy to mute the signal in my host's mixer but Reaktor is still hogging lots of my CPU cycles when I do that and you get a very sharp cutoff, which isn't always desirable. An Active/Inactive toggle on each sequencer, that could respond to unused notes on the MIDI keyboard, say A for active and B for inactive on the octaves that change the patterns, would be good. To make it even better, B could make it inactive at the end of the current pattern and A# could make it inactive immediately.

    I had a few other problems that I managed to work out for myself - the Copy/Paste/Clear implementation is very helpful for a lot of things, especially as you can copy from one preset and paste into another - but these things are real sticking points in my workflow that will ultimately stop me from using TRK-01 as much as I would like to. Don't get me wrong, I really love this thing and I love how much time and thought and effort has clearly gone into finding a new and (mostly) better approach that really fires my creativity. That makes it all the more frustrating that it can be so difficult in certain situations. Reading some of the responses to TRK-01, both here and at KVR, I get the impression you would sell a lot more if you added my first request. The other two are less obvious but still need to be addressed, I think.
  2. EpicEsquire

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    I would appreciate a function to set the number of times the sequence plays through and then stops
  3. Jan Ola @ NI

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    Hi wrbones, all of your three requests are covered already as far as I understand.
    Check chapter 6.2 in the manual for information about playing the Kick and the Bass via MIDI.
    All locked controls in a step can be deleted using the Clear function, see chapter 8.1. If you only want to delete the value for a specific control use Parameter Focus mode as explained in chapter 13.6.
    The mute buttons in the lower left and right sections disable the notes sent from the sequencer, this should do exactly what you want.
    EpicEsquire I have responded in the thread you opened about your request, please don’t cross-post. Thanks.
    Hope this helps!
  4. Paule

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    If you run version 1.0 please update to version 1.1