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Discussion in 'KOMPAKT' started by dalekay1, Feb 18, 2009.

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    I posted this on the sounds on line (east west) forum today, have not seen it allowed to be posted and this is not word for word either.

    I bought Vapor a few years ago. Maybe 4 or so. I installed it on a win29 system, had problems. Did all the updates, still problems. The win2k system has a motu 24i card. I used directsound drivers, ASIO(s) and other sound drivers, they all did the same thing. Hold down a key, you get static, snap, crackle and pops, this goes on till the effect dies out. So you get about 1/2 second of useful sound, the rest is bad. I re-installed it, toyed around with all the settings and even talked to tech support. Also Sonar 4 had a problem loading it, in fact sonar 4 would just crash, so did project 5.
    I am now just getting around to re-install vapor on a xp system using a presonus firebox. I have several synths on it, fm7, fm8 and so on. I installed Vapor this am. It gave me a few problems with no sound till I choose directsound then asio a few times then it was great. No snap, crackle or pop. In fact I was very impressed. So I did the updates. Now I can not get rid of the snap, crackle and pops again.

    What do I need to do to make this program work?

    I also have the same problems with Intakt and Kompakt, both demos I got from NAMM a few years back. Seems Kompakt is common? I also have Bosendorfer 290 I am about to install, I expect same results.

    DFD lights up btw, on both systems when it makes the crackle and pops. If I turn off the effects, it helps keep them further down. I have seen DFD in the red and often yellow. before I updated, all was well with Vapor.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.