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    Hello good morning for everyone.

    I would like to propose to the Traktor Pro development team the following features to be included in future updates of the 3.1 version:

    Possibility of creating a playlist story, in such a way that the session can be re-played automatically, as it has been recorded, that is, it does not save only the information of the tracks that have been played, but everything else related to the mix, as it can be, point and form of insertion / fusion, midi values of input and output of the controller (if possible), etc. in such a way that the reproduction is a clone of the original session.

    Possibility of mapping the rating or score of the track in the controller.

    Possibility to include a second audio interface and route it independently, in such a way that 2 cue/pre-listeners can be created for 2 dj, which can be played simultaneously without interfering with the cue/pre-listening in one another.

    Possibility to include in the library the name of the track (without including the path).

    Possibility of customizing the screen information of the Kontrol S4 Mk3 Traktor, especially in terms of hiding the BPM, so that the beatmixing (little simulation of vinyl with motorized jogs), could be by ear, more real.

    Thank you. A greeting.
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    I know you babe the cue points color coded but would be nice if I can rename the color so that when I look at cue point 2 red I can name it 1st drop or outro, loop. Like Serato and Rekordbox. The way you have it now I have to hit a cue point to see the text should be able to double click on #1 cue point and change number to name