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Version Uploaded

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Sander @ NI, Sep 26, 2019.

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  1. Sander @ NI

    Sander @ NI Guest

    Dear Traktorists,

    Mac OS Catalina is around the corner and we are releasing this version to ensure compatibility.

    This beta of TRAKTOR PRO 3.3.0 is ready for macOS Catalina and seamlessly integrates the new macOS 10.15 Music< app just like it integrates iTunes on former macOS version. No need to change workflows.

    This update also improves the ITunes integration in the current and previous versions of macOS as it uses a more reliable interface and changes made in iTunes are instantly available to TRAKTOR, without the need to close the iTunes window.

    We need your eagle eyes to test this public beta which includes the following:

    New in

    - Added: macOS 10.15 (Catalina) support

    - Added: macOS 10.15 Music.app support

    - Added: Improved iTunes support on macOS 10.14 and earlier

    - Fixed: Relocation and Export Collection not cancelable

    - Fixed: Dialogs Interrupt Keyboard Control

    - Fixed: Improper handling of Unicode characters from iTunes library

    - Fixed: Inline Search for Color not fully functional

    - Fixed: Loops captured from Track Deck get truncated

    - Fixed: Loop Recorder capture too quiet when using "CUE" as source

    - Fixed: Folder content imported to Collection in random order

    - Fixed: LP/HP Filter has no functionality in TRAKTOR PRO 3 LE

    - Fixed: S4MK3: JOG Mode: Tempo Fader value limited to Tempo Range

    - Added: S4MK3: Lock switch to EXT on Playing Decks

    - Added: Include new CE(version

    - Added: Check for S2 MK3 FW version to 0.3.0

    Test Focus:

    - macOS 10.15 Catalina

    - Traktor Hardware controllers (due to new CE version)

    - iTunes / Music integration (macOS and Windows)

    Please give this beta a thorough run and keep filing those bug reports so that we can iron them out before the Public Release.

    Additional Notes:
    The provided installer is an update installer, which requires a working TRAKTOR PRO 3 installation on your computer.

    Once installed, version will automatically copy your Collection to the new Traktor 3.3.0 user folder and replace your previous TRAKTOR PRO 3 installation.

    You can always go back to your previous installation via /Applications/Native Instruments/Traktor Pro 3/Backup

    Audio 6 / Audio 10

    The macOS Catalina compatible version of the Audio 6 and Audio 10 Control panels have been included at the bottom of this post.

    Happy Testing,

    Team Pro

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