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Discussion in 'STUDIO FX' started by ATI, Nov 22, 2012.

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    Hello, I was wondering about the VC bundle and how accurately do they emulate the UA 1176, LA-2A and dbx 160? Also, are they CPU intensive? Furthermore the way NI advertise it on the homepage you get the transient master included yet when you click on the "learn more" you dont get the transient master too? a little indiscrepancy? Thanks :)
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    Sound Excellent


    I don't have the real hardware to compare (although I do have a rack of hardware compressors in the studio) but according to some reviews, they do accurately exhibit the characteristics of the modeled units, and more importantly, they are very musical.

    If you didn't get the VC bundle when it was US$114.50, you may have missed the deal of the century (well, at least of 2012), but I'd be glad to pay the normal price for such fine audio tools. The new standalone versions are excellent, and run in Windows XP as well as Win7 (the NI site fails to show this) in case you are still using XP.

    On my system (Quad-Core Intel 2.5 GHz) they use from 0.3% to just under 0.5% each, the LA2A using the most processing. So they are close to negligible on processor loading.

    As for Transient Master, I never saw such a comment in the offer I took (the VC bundle for US$114.50), and I'm very pleased the the VC bundle alone.