Vinyl brake like in Serato, VirtualDJ and CDJs??

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  1. Scoox

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    Why not in Traktor?? Now that v3 is out I'm debating whether to update or jump camp. I've been looking at VirtualDJ for about a week and the product is very underrated. In most cases it's more powerful and configurable than Traktor and mappings can be way more sophisticated than anything anyone could do in Traktor without "middleware".

    The ONE feature I really like in VirtualDJ is that you can adjust start/stop speed. I know it's very cheesy but there are a number of situations during a set where it can come in very handy. Also, the ramp-down and ramp-up sound gives the crowd something tangible, the crowd can hear what you are doing on the controllers. Instantly starting full-speed is dry and boring.

    Traktor has a "Turntable FX" effect but the track continues playing in the background, so it's pretty useless. I want to stop playback in the middle of a set just before a drop to add a few extra seconds and fool the crowd, then drop it, that sort of thing. CDJs can do this, Serato can do this, VirtualDJ can do it, why not Traktor?
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  2. Tommy Angelsnes

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    Yes, this is such a basic and useful feature.