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Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by DJFredrikAlm, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. ErwinC

    ErwinC NI Product Owner

    You can find some more info here

    When on WMP you need to use the "RATING WMP" part.
    I have no clue what tag FLAC uses for rating maybe 'POPULARIMETER'?
    I supose you can test that using a FLAC flie in Traktor and just rate it to 5 stars.
    Use MP3 tag to see what tag and value is used...
    Then modiify the action code you find on the link to use in MP3 Tag.
    When altering tags in your file you need to do something in traktor to re-read your tags.
    Forgot the correct name, Just right click on your collection and "?" something...
  2. Miloopa Kid

    Miloopa Kid NI Product Owner

    ^ check concistancy and all (exept the ratings) update.
    Thanx i ll dive into that pass the weekend, and let you all know.
  3. ErwinC

    ErwinC NI Product Owner

  4. Miloopa Kid

    Miloopa Kid NI Product Owner

    He probably means the loss of the first 20ms that occurs when loading a flac into a Traktor deck.
    Also a known bug in Traktor 1 and from what i read at version 2 also.
    It is kind of furstrating when playing tracks that directly starts with the first beat, you have to either cue in the silence and try to beat match it by ear ,
    Or you open those files in a sound aplication and add an extra 20 ms of silence at the beginning of the track.
  5. ErwinC

    ErwinC NI Product Owner

    I had/have no clue.
    I'm using WMA files, I saw some simular issues with FLAC and WMA, but I can't say I noticed this.
    Gonna check this out..
  6. DJEccentric

    DJEccentric Forum Member

    Sorry to beat a dead horse...

    According to Count Zero this has been sorted out in TP2… I just ordered my TP2 and it’s coming in next Thursday. (Yes, I still like to have the box…LOL)

    I’ll let you know once I reanalyze my FLAC’s In TP2 what happens to my tracks…

    Basically in TP1 the Grid Starts on the second Bar since the first Bar is not a full bar (less 20ms)…. This intern sets your 1st Grid Marker on the second bar (beat).
    You can set a cue point at the beginning of the track (at the 1st bar/beat) but you are still missing the 20ms. In snap mode it will correct itself once you start playing but It’s definitely noticeable while cueing up… If you are running Pro in snap mode it’s just a hassle fixing your cue and grid and annoying not hearing the full beat. If you are running scratch pro I would imagine it’s even more of a hassle if you cue up your track on the 1st beat.

    I’ll keep you posted.

  7. Count Zero

    Count Zero ModerAUtor Moderator

    Well it seemed to me that the problem was gone but obviously NI didn't think so as they have listed it as a resolved in the upcoming 2.0.3 release. So either way it won't be an issue for much longer.
  8. DJEccentric

    DJEccentric Forum Member

    Great, Thanks for the update!

  9. ErwinC

    ErwinC NI Product Owner

  10. Miloopa Kid

    Miloopa Kid NI Product Owner

    Most gratefull for your efford there to share some more ligth into the mater of ratings of flacs.
    Couple of questions though :
    1. I am using win7 so i guess the correct path to put your file is
    C:\Program Files\Mp3tag\data\actions is this correct ? Because when i choose "actions" from the mp3tag menu it doesnt show as an action.
    2. You state "Please note that the file is for WMA files, you may need to change the tag name for FLAC or other types. " Is this the reason that i dont get the option to choose your action file for my flac ?

    Once again thank you .
  11. Kenny MacCormick

    Kenny MacCormick NI Product Owner

  12. ErwinC

    ErwinC NI Product Owner


    1. The correct path is (yes Win7)

    (ATTENTION, for some reason there a space in Roaming that should not be there when I look at my own post!)

    %USERNAME% is common to say that this part should be replaced by the username u use to login in Win7.

    If you copy paste the path as specified above in your Explorer address bar Windows will automaticly replace %USERNAME% with your username.
    Also when your windows is not English.
    When browsing with Explorer in a non English Windows you will need to find the user profile folder in your language.
    Its a translation of "Users"
    But again, just copy past the path as above in the address bar of Windows Explorer...
    That works in any language version of Vista and Win 7.

    2. No thats not the reason, see point 1 :)

    The tag name used in WMP for rating is "RATING WMP", but you need to verify if that is also the tagname used in your FLAC files by the program u use to rate.
    If this is not "RATING WMP" you will need to change my action file to find the rating value in the correct tag. SO replace "RATING WMP" with the tage is used in your files.
    Win7 uses also "RATING WMP"
    So posibly you don't need to change my file.
  13. loopbg

    loopbg NI Product Owner

    The 2.0.3 release is much better with FLACs. I did tests with lots of tunes today and the and the auto girding is much more accurate now.

    Thanks for listening NI!

    FLAC all the way :)

  14. djcoryminto

    djcoryminto NI Product Owner

    My take on the OP is that I wouldn't even bother. I've been ripping FLACs from my CD collection for years now and it's been a headache overall (not entirely N.I.'s fault tho). Native Instruments STILL has not repaired Traktor's issues with FLACs -- The first 91ms of your FLAC files will not play at all not to mention some minor skipping at the ends. Brought this up to them with extensive testing, screenshots, etc in 2008 and they still haven't repaired it.

    I'm one of those people who have been pedantic about the standards in audio quality, advocating lossless all the way. But with regards to 320CBR vs. FLAC, I'll be damned if the bench test results (which may or may not show lossless's sonic superiority) excite me more than the convenience of having smaller file sizes, more compatibility (FLACs are not so compatible), better and wider tagging options, etc. Took me 3 years to realize that I've wasted so much time & energy just to be "technically better" -- I'm in the process of encoding all my FLACs to 320.

    The only problem I see will be the many MP3s that I had repaired & saved as FLACs. If I encode those to MP3s, they will be 2nd gen, and that's not a bridge I want to cross. I may single those out and leave them as WAVs or FLACs.
  15. DJEccentric

    DJEccentric Forum Member

    +1 Works Great, Now.
    Thanks NI and to all in this fourm!

  16. XDeeJay

    XDeeJay Forum Member

    flac, but i will keep using mp3 320 due to the size
  17. ekwipt

    ekwipt NI Product Owner

    Update from Beatport, now how the hell do they get album Art into the AIFF?

    You may have noticed in the past few days that we’ve been beta-testing the addition of AIFF files as a format option for purchase. I am personally a long time WAV purchaser and I’m extremely excited about this new offering. I’m also excited about the new delivery method we are developing. I hope you find it as convenient as I do.

    What is AIFF?
    AIFF stands for Audio Interchange File Format. Basically, an AIFF file has all the convenience of an MP3, containing metadata and cover art, with the audio quality of an uncompressed “lossless” format like WAV.

    In fact, AIFF is the same uncompressed, lossless, PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) format as a WAV, but includes support for data “chunks” such as ID3 metadata and cover art. There are several data chunks supported by AIFF and Beatport is providing all available metadata as ID3v2.4 tags which can be read by most popular software applications.

    The data we are supplying is:
    - Cover Art
    - Artist
    - Remixer
    - Track Name (Mix Name)
    - Label*
    - Release Year
    - Genre
    - BPM
    - Key
    - Track Order (Sequence)

    * The “Label” ID3 tag is not supported by iTunes so we are duplicating label data in the “Grouping” field so iTunes users can still see label info.

    If you choose AIFF you are helping us test our new delivery system, which encodes files on the fly. This means when you purchase and download a track you are getting the latest, most up to date version of our metadata. How? We use the original WAV file supplied by the label, add the metadata from our system, transcode and build the AIFF on the spot, and add it to your download library.

    Why not FLAC?
    I can hear it already. A group of DJs and producers out there asking why we are not offering FLAC first. We debated which format to offer first and it was a tough call. FLAC users are very vocal, but the reality is that not all popular library and musical applications support FLAC natively without plugins, where they do support AIFF. We felt it was important to offer a format with as few barriers as possible in order to introduce metadata within a lossless file format.

    Note: if FLAC is your preferred file format, you can convert AIFF to FLAC on your own - just type “convert AIFF to FLAC” in your favorite search engine and you’ll find lots of options. All the metadata and cover art will be right there for you in the AIFF files you purchase from Beatport.
  18. Mystic38

    Mystic38 NI Product Owner

    This is a great debate if we were talking about studio monitors or audiophile systems in your home...

    but we are not.. we are talking about DJing..

    PA speakers are designed to be loud, not accurate.. the coloration is horrid..no matter what brand/price you use..and as for the listening environment?.. bars/clubs/halls with crap acoustics and lots of background noise..

    this is the gap between theory and practice..
  19. DJEccentric

    DJEccentric Forum Member

    It's here.....:D but it's not FLAC....:S
    Well, At least you could rip it to FLAC if you wanted to....
    I'll let you know how the AIFF's work out....

    Beatport Lossless w/ Cover Art and Metadata....

    Quote from Beatport's Auto Format Page:

    Audio Format:
    MP3 - Lossy, 320kbps/s, Coverart, Metadata
    WAV - Lossless, 16Bit, 44.1K
    AIFF - Lossless, 16Bit, 44.1K, Coverart, Metadata

    We are experimenting with encoding formats on the fly. If you choose "AIFF" there may be a delay from when you purchase to when your track is available for download. Please be patient as we work through the kinks of this exciting new delivery option.

  20. DJEccentric

    DJEccentric Forum Member

    Well, the .aiff files are great! No more having to re-tag...
    Only problem, they use id3 v2.4 tags. I got a reply back from dbpoweramp and their batch converter will not suppor v2.4 tags until r15 and that is scheduled to go beta in 4 months so dbpoweramp is now useless for converting aiff with 2.4 tags to FLAC or any other format...

    Anyone have any recomendations for a batch converter that will support converting .aiff files with v2.4 tags?