we don't need a new synth, we need a GUI update :(

Discussion in 'MASSIVE' started by freakydinde, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. freakydinde

    freakydinde NI Product Owner

    we don't need a new synth like massive X, we need a GUI update to our favorite synth Massive.

    there is tons of VST beast, crazy WT and/or modular Synth : Falcon, ANA2, Icarus, Pigment, Dune 3, Fathom, Softube Modular, Mux modular

    we don't need another crazy modular wavetable synth beast²++

    There is only ONE Massive, with Sylenth1 and Serum they are the most loved gear on VST earth, but while Sylenth1 and Serum are still updated and will stay on the market again for years, Massive without GUI update will slow disapear.

    Massive is not compatible with 4K display, so after years keeping a FHD display just to use FM8 and Massive, one day our FHD display will be broken, and we won't find anymore affordable no 4K display on the market, so we will stop using Massive.

    Its father abandoned him, instead of taking care of his child he prefer to make another.

    Massive X will never reach the success Massive had, time have changed.

    Please, give us a new GUI that support retina and you go for 10 more years selling millions of copy.

    Then if you need to generate press and a flagship for a new komplete release, just pack it with a new preset pack, a few new FXS and a dark theme.
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  2. mhuibers

    mhuibers New Member

    Did you know that on many daws and on windows 10 you can actually let them scale the ui to be usable on hi dpi screens?
  3. freakydinde

    freakydinde NI Product Owner

    it work wells with adaptable UI, with NI old UI it's blurry, on some plugins the controls even get fucked up.
  4. Captain Blasto

    Captain Blasto NI Product Owner

    Honestly, the GUI for Massive doesn't bother me because of the lack of HiDPI support, that's pretty much par for the course with Native Instruments at the moment. I just don't like how difficult it is to dig in to all the oscillators and parameters. As a new user, I don't like how difficult it is to navigate as compared to say, Pigments. But I already own it and Pigments is an extra cost so I'm trying to force myself to use what I have instead...

    If Massive X is more easily usable GUI wise I will be a happy camper. Even if it doesn't look great on my retina display.
  5. Old Mike

    Old Mike NI Product Owner

    I like the new GUI of massive, for me it seems clear and not so distracting.

    Only 6 days to try it out.
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  6. EvilDragon

    EvilDragon Moderator Moderator

    It'll look great because there is UI scaling in MX. :)
  7. Russellmus

    Russellmus New Member

    As someone who only recently got Massive in the current sales, the UI is what turned me off it. I'm impressed by how versatile it is sound wise, but it's just so small and ugly and hard on the eyes that I have no compulsion spend time to learn it. I know Massive X is coming and that UI looks great to me, so I'll just wait for that and relegate Massive to only being used when it happens to be the source of a press I found in KK I guess.
  8. Fred Davis

    Fred Davis New Member

    No Massive X yet? Soon? It's the 27th in Berlin? I hope the servers don't crash when it's released.
  9. Tony Jones

    Tony Jones NI Product Owner

    This afternoon we are led to believe
  10. Russellmus

    Russellmus New Member

    Assuming it will go live just before bed time for us here in Australia :)
  11. Oliseo

    Oliseo New Member

    The problem with changing the UI for the sake of it, is that it bothers the power users, who then have to relearn where everything is.

    Changing the UI in Massive now would cause no end of issues and a huge backlash from users who have developed the muscle memory that they can fly through making any kind of patch.

    A real world example of this is Microsoft Word, and Windows 8, and 8.1.

    Generally the features remained exactly the same, just the UI changed. Yet for people with 2 or more years experience of using those packages, this change slowed them down considerably.

    Change simply for the sake if it, will be welcomed by newcomers, but alienate the power users who have learned the muscle memory.

    Not everyone is universally happy with the agile way of doing things.

    Far better they leave Massive as is, and let it become a "classic" Synth in it's own right rather than faff about changing it's UI after all this time, and alienate all those power users.

    Better to release a new version of it, with a new interface to make all those new users happy.

    This is how it should be.

    As for the claims that no screen will not be 4K, that's a wild assumption to say the least.
  12. Stormchild

    Stormchild NI Product Owner

    Massive doesn't need a new UI, it just needs the exact same UI redrawn as scalable vector graphics so it can be resized without becoming even more pixelated than it already is. I don't think anyone's asking for a completely different interface. The same goes for all NI software.

    Take a look at Arturia's plugins. They all use high res art and can be scaled from 50% to 200%, and they look extremely good at all sizes. That's the example all other audio software companies should follow.