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Discussion in 'TRAKTOR DJ 2' started by Keir @ NI, May 16, 2019.

  1. Keir @ NI

    Keir @ NI Community, man NI Team


    As you may have seen, we’re running an open user forum during TRAKTOR DJ 2’s first month of release, but it's over in the Support Community.

    To tell us what you want to see in the next updates of TRAKTOR DJ 2, please here:


    Our Support team and members of the dev team are on hand there to respond to your feedback and questions.

    If you'd like to learn more about TRAKTOR DJ 2 more generally, please check out the following:


    Finally, this page comparing TRAKTOR DJ2 with TRAKTOR PRO 3 may help answer some feature questions.

    Best wishes,
    The TRAKTOR team
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  2. Sean McCabe

    Sean McCabe NI Product Owner

    Record function, + - 6,8 pict controls the ability to change the effects i like the echo and flanger personally, beat grid adjust and the ability to pre analyze playlists for bpm etc.
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  3. Kalo

    Kalo Active Member

    Keir @ NI , Stefan @ NI ... and whole team:

    A BIG compliment for opening a FEEDBACK AREA, i follow the NI activities since years .. but it is the first time i see such an proactive, structured and user releated approch from NI :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Your feedback area tool makes lot sense, because user can vote (and comment) !. Great job. Win win for NI and user. Maybe we user must take care that we open a feedback ticket always for single ideas (not a combination).

    Good luck .. keep the great idea to listen to your user, they are the most valuable esset for NI ;)
    And of course wish you and us a great future on the new T architecture.
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  4. loopbg

    loopbg NI Product Owner

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my wish list!

    1. I'd like to see access to my Spotify account and the Spotify offline tracks library on the device ... and perhaps the new Youtube future ... I can't really figure out why would I want to go the Soundcloud Go way ...
    2. I'd like to be able to use S4 and/or Z2 with a mobile device. The extensive I/O and standalone mixer mode in S4 is quite appealing. Z2 (MK2?) w/ iPad have been my portable dream setup for very, very long time ... and with Spotify, please.
    3. Android - I still own an iPhone, an iPad and a Mac, but my primary phone is now a powerful Android device for 1/2 the price of iPhone X. Apple's devices and OS are great, but not the greatest for sure.
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  5. Kalo

    Kalo Active Member

    maybe best you share all wishes directly here, then we can vote ;):
  6. mikebosch

    mikebosch New Member

    Midi mapping would be a nice feature for mapping other controllers. At first sight I like the simplicity of this application really nice job.
  7. northumberlandweddingdj

    northumberlandweddingdj New Member

    • I would also like to see Spotify integrated as I have my playlists there linked to djay 2 app but would rather be using my iPad with Traktor DJ 2 and my S2 MK3 with Spotify integration
  8. Kaporion

    Kaporion Forum Member

    add the option to access cloud services (also non mainstream ones like pCloud) or, at least, access the File app and from there import tracks
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  9. pollu

    pollu New Member

    I (stil) am a heavy traktordj user, for shows and for pleasure.

    The first thing I missed was that the new app does not use the old library. This means re adding your cue points of all your songs.

    Also, I don’t see where you can find your history, so that you can make playlists with that.

    I think one of the best features of the first app was the possibility to show the filter and the effect next to each other, giving extensive creative possibilities of altering the sound, with the new app you can only alter 1.

    On the bright side I do love the possibility to shift the loop with 1 finger.

    I will keep on testing and post things about the app!
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  10. Kalo

    Kalo Active Member

  11. Mani Muchasalsa

    Mani Muchasalsa NI Product Owner

    Great app. Sleek and good looking. But as it’s predecessor for iPad, there is no auto mix which is not only ideal by vital for house parties. I do hope you guys can add that. I think there are many out there like myself will have no problem paying a few pounds to have that feature. That’s what has made your competitors iPad and phone music softwares more popular and in much demand. Cheers
  12. Kevin De Maesschalck

    Kevin De Maesschalck New Member

    I managed to get traktor pro 3 working on el capitan 10.11.6 and downloaded the correct driver for my controller 2.8.0. the software recognizes the sound card in the controller but all the buttons don t respond

    the controller lights up and sometimes only the usb light lights up and keeps burning

    music comes out of the controller as well but faders etc don t respond

    any ideas getting desperate here

  13. Zdravko Kerelsky

    Zdravko Kerelsky NI Product Owner

    Hey! I'm new to the forums here, but I have been using Traktor on my PC for over 12 years for professional gigs.
    I'm getting an iPad now, and I'd like to use timecode vinyl with that and my Motu M4 interface. I have an S4 mk2 that works well, but the sound feels sub-par comparatively.
    Will there be timecode support for the app? That would help me leave my computer at home 100%. I'm sure others would feel the same!
  14. Dave_Divine

    Dave_Divine New Member

    Hi, I recognized, the feedback forum is read-only, so how can we now give feedback & suggestions about Traktor DJ 2?
  15. i’an

    i’an New Member

    hello, very complex process to have quick answer from support. i try for days

    Traktor dj2 for Ipad ios 13. it's now possible to import track via usb stick and app folder.

    There is no menu in library for locating our personal folders create by style. it's a basic function.
    Are you make a update for this function ? (other famous software for dj on ipad do it easy)

    pro djs don't use i tunes, spotify or streaming solution.
    mobile solution is important with the pandemic and all event close, no more electricity.
    best vibes
  16. Owen Dennehy

    Owen Dennehy New Member

    Since the feedback forum is read-only I will leave my suggestions here. I would like to see an ability to analyze multiple SoundCloud tracks and folders simultaneously rather than having to load each track in individually to get track information. I really like being able to connect SoundCloud to the program and it helps me find and test out new music. However, the current system of analyzing tracks is tedious and time-consuming and makes it difficult to use in a live setting (especially with a slow wifi connection where one deck is occupied by analyzing a track). Please include this feature in the next version of the program.
    Additionally, I would also like to see midi integration for communication with Ableton link/ cc controllers and ios apps. This would greatly open up the creative applications of the Dj program. If possible It would also be cool to be able to route audio over USB into an additional track for recording sets that use external apps and gear.

    current setup:
    Kontrol s2 mk3 running Traktor DJ 2 on Laptop
    w/Digitone running overbridge in Ableton
    Ableton uses the S2 as a soundcard and it outputs simultaneously with Traktor DJ2 or Traktor Pro 3 however it needs to be recorded externally


  17. Mutis

    Mutis NI Product Owner

  18. Almaz

    Almaz NI Product Owner

    traktor dj
    traktor dj 2
    were projects for investment laundering, and maybe in the future we will look new traktor dj 3, it will be too same dj/dj2 but only with new money
  19. Mutis

    Mutis NI Product Owner

    I don't think so but my feelings are these weren't take seriously and Apple didn't help with its policies (mFi, connector changes, etc).
    It will be great to get some statement from NI but another delay (this probably due Francisco Partners acquisition and once again reorganisation) bores my interest in Traktor. I will start focusing on other platforms and just adapt my workflow.
  20. Wyley

    Wyley NI Product Owner

    Hopefully they actually take all their leanings and make something or it.

    I’d be happy with just the addition of cruise mode, adding better fx and being able to use them with the xfader not just post line fader.

    Another suggestion would be making things proper for people to live-stream their sets.

    We’ll have to wait and see and hope it doesn’t take too long.