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What do you want for the Z1 Mk2?

Discussion in 'KONTROL Z1' started by zaynatsa, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. zaynatsa

    zaynatsa New Member

    Hi everyone!

    So I bought the Z1 mainly for use with Ableton (although the Christmas special did open me up to the world of Traktor), and it works great! As the X1 Mk2 is out already, I am curious what other Z1 users would like in an updated version of the Z1! As I haven't seen a thread like this, I thought lets give NI some feedback if they ever do consider making a Mark 2 for the unit :D

    For me, I would like at least a XLR/TRS (or even a combo input) for the soundcard so it can replace bringing along another sound card to a gig just to use a microphone, and in studio would be nice to record Guitars, etc. all in one brilliant controller. Surely they could fit that on the side of the unit or somewhere, at least a TRS input is what I truly want in a Z1 Mk2

    What do you want for a Z1 Mk2 in the future? :)
  2. Notanon

    Notanon NI Product Owner

    An option to map decks directly on the Z1 instead of needing to do it via the software, particularly if a Z4 or something similar won't be appearing for a long time or if ever. Even if it's just a pair of buttons for each bank (i.e. A and C for the left, B and D for the right), or a dial and LED screen combination similar to the X1 Mk2 but for each bank. Would allow for on the fly four-deck mixing with the one controller if done right.

    And maybe an extra one or two USB ports on the back to allow a direct connection with a pair of X1s or F1s, similar to how the Z2 has the built in USB hub. Probably located next to the power adaptor socket where the NI logo is (the latter can be resized to suit), or one vertically on each side of the main USB-A connection socket instead of horizontal as per the Z2s arrangement, which would require a slight bit of moving of the RCA sockets, key lock socket and power adaptor socket. Would necessitate running in powered mode to use, but would be very handy for a portable setup and maybe eliminate the need for a secondary USB hub.
  3. frankle

    frankle NI Product Owner

    Similar to the Apogee Quartet that allows for a midi keyboard to be plugged in via its USB-A socket.

    I'd love to be able to use my Z1 and X1mk2 with the iPad, ultimate portable system with complete control!
  4. Alexinhomg

    Alexinhomg Forum Member

    That's what i want too pal

    CASHLUVA Member

    -Actual PLAY buttons for triggering. That shift-channel button stuff is so unnecessary.
    -Support for vinyl control.
    -An FX on/off button for each channel.
  6. stevemac99

    stevemac99 New Member

    Me three! If you had 4 cue buttons per deck on the Z1 that would be FANTASTIC.

    X1 integration more likely though, so get on that N.I.! :)