Where does Traktor save beat-grid data?

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  1. troubled_noob

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    My computer is on the fritz. It keeps freezing about 5 minutes after startup.

    I'm not concerned about losing my HD contents because I have it double-backed up. But I am concerned about having to re-beatgrid my ENTIRE traktor library. The only music I have backed up is the iTunes folder, but is that enough?

    Where does Traktor write the data when you beat-grid and add queue points, loops, et cetera? Are these things saved to the songs themselves? Or in another folder somewhere on my computer?

    Please get back to me...
  2. padi_04

    padi_04 NI Product Owner

    They should be saved with the file tag (unless it's format doesn't support them). Just to be sure, backup your Traktor collection file located in "User/Documents/Native Instruments/ Traktor 2.0.X" or it's Windows equivalent.
  3. dannybyrne29

    dannybyrne29 NI Product Owner

    Windows Equivalent = My Documents/Native Instruments but yeah they are in the ID tag in the MP3...!