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Where is the big fat "Register product" button?

Discussion in 'Product Installation and Activation (Archive)' started by Scoox, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. Scoox

    Scoox NI Product Owner

    A friend and fellow DJ bought TRAKTOR SCRATCH A6 and, as I work in IT, I offered to help her set it up. I own several other audio production products (DAW, VST plugins, etc) and I've never had any trouble registering stuff in general, yet we spent a total of 5 hours to get this thing running! It was definitely worth it and my friend is very pleased with the product, but we felt the registration process was not straightforward enough. Here are the details and my suggestions. Thank you.

    The first thing to point out is that my friend already owned Traktor S4 mk2 and Traktor Pro 2 so she had an account and the products were registered. Based on my experience with other products, I directly went to the NI website and logged into her account, then went to the logical page: My Account > My Products and Serials. There we could see the previously registered products, but we couldn't find a big fat "Register new product" button! We searched high and low, clicked every possible link, menu and button on the NI website and could not figure out how to register our new product.

    We downloaded the Service Center, installed it, tried to upgrade from Traktor Pro to Traktor Scratch Pro from there by typing in the registration number from the product activation card. Still no luck.

    Eventually it turned out it was quite simple: We just had to go to the URL printed on the product activation card, and follow the steps. We were finally able to register both hardware and software, download the installer package and get everything working and the Service Center doing its job!

    Problems summary:
    1. Users don't like typing URLs by hand, and expect to be able to click their way through to the registration page by following links already on the NI website. We should have been able to add new products directly from the My Products and Serials page and enter our serial numbers right there
    2. Registered products should show up immediately on the My Products and Serials, this was not the case. The next morning when we checked again the newly registered products eventually showed up. After the online registration wizard presented us with the download links, the browser crashed and we lost that page so we went to her account but we still couldn't see the products we had just registered. So we had to do the wizard thing again and re-register everything to get to the download links. This morning we checked again and the products did, eventually, show up under My Products and Serials.
    In short, NI could significantly simplify this process by adding a "register new product" button on the My Products and Serials, which is where existing users who already have an NI account expect it to be. First-time customers can follow the URL printed on the activation card. Two different mindsets at work here.
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  2. solger

    solger NI Product Owner