Where is the stop sample button?

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by FS79, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. FS79

    FS79 New Member

    OK people, Maschine is great! but how the heck do you stop it from playing a longer one shot sample, like a recorded vocal?
    Like if I'm doing a live performance and i have a 1 minute vocal sample recorded and assigned to a pad, how do i stop it from playing if its in the one shot mode? pressing the stop button stops all other sounds except the sample. going to a different scene or pattern doesn't help either~

    PLEASE HELP NI! did you guys forgot the most important feature on this thing. a stop button.?:eek:
  2. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator

    but that is how One Shot Mode works ;)

    anyway, are you triggering this live with your Pad or Sequencing it?

    however, if you are triggering the sample with a Pad, you can use Group Mode, where one sample stops another sample from playing - often used with hi-hats.

    have a look at the picture. i have assigned the same sample to Pads 1 and 2 (a different sample can be used on Pad 2). both Pads have Voice settings set to Mono and Group 1. Pad 1 is in One-shot Mode, Pad 2 ADSR. note that the Volume of Pad 2 is right down.

    basically if i play the sample on Pad 1, i can use Pad 2 to stop it just by pressing it.

    another way if you want to store this in a Pattern, is to change the Sound to an ADSR Envelope and draw a note for however long you want it to play.


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  3. alexbuga

    alexbuga NI Product Owner

    I agree with FS79... If I browse through my recordings... or whatever... I can't stop it.

    I knew about the group cutting but it would be cool to be able to send a Panic! message :) It will probably be implemented in future updates, because I've seen people asking for it :D
  4. Lotuz

    Lotuz NI Product Owner

    Try the Audio Engine Button.
  5. FS79

    FS79 New Member

    I'd have to try this when I get home..but basically I need to be able to change to a different scene and I want that long sample to stop as zoo. Ad I do that..like if I'm changing from a verse to a chorus. it seems to me this is paramount in a live situation..ableton live got this right..why can ni maschine do this?

    This also brings up another issue when using Live with maschine..will maschine just keep playing if I stop Live like after a sick buildup? I'd really hate to just use the mute button..I want those fx floating while I bring up the breakdown part..
  6. rocadaburn

    rocadaburn Forum Member

    as oneshot was already mentioned, I help myself with this by setting the AHD envelope, but this is only a workaround
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