Which compressor inculted in Komplete Ultimate is the best for master channel?

Discussion in 'STUDIO FX' started by Azbest, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Azbest

    Azbest New Member

    As the title says, which one do you use for adding a bit of glue to the mix? VC76 or maybe something else?
  2. Big Gnome

    Big Gnome NI Product Owner

    I'm personally not super big on compressing the overall mix (well, prior to the mastering stage), but the glib--and correct!--answer is "the one that sounds best". I would normally expect 1176-style compressors to be far too colored and aggressive for buss compression, and would normally opt for something like the buss comp (that's what it's for after all, and having done a fair amount of work on a couple of SSL consoles in my 20's, I find the NI one compares favorably to the hardware). I don't have Vari Comp, but I do tend to like variable-mu/Fairchild-ish compressors for buss compression. But the bottom line is, see what works for you with your music.
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  3. Triode

    Triode New Member

    I like Vari Comp

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