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Who can i talk to for a concept?

Discussion in 'KONTROL X1' started by SwiftMoney, May 9, 2012.

  1. SwiftMoney

    SwiftMoney New Member

    I think that NI should make a 12" battle style mixer with the X-1 built in to it! Sound card and all! It would be so nice to have the layout between the deck and the mixer on both sides! Does anybody else agree with me?
  2. bi!LY eagle

    bi!LY eagle Forum Member

    The S2 and S4 already fill this role, along w/ having jog-wheels.
  3. dannybyrne29

    dannybyrne29 NI Product Owner

  4. SwiftMoney

    SwiftMoney New Member

    Those controllers have too much. I'm coming from a turntablist point of view. I have a concept all drawn up i just want to know who i can submit it to in the NI development staff.
  5. zephry

    zephry NI Product Owner

    Although you think this is the correct route. My opinion woud be to talk maybe Facebook or somehow get a hold of Ean Golden on how to go about this. He and his staff over at djtechtools.com do a lot of how to's and have helpful advice as far as controllers go they build and market there own. I just think they have a more direct connection to djs and this.
    They may be able and willing to tell you how to go about this.

    Dont get me wrong NI does have and is very innovative with controllers. But djtt has a good relationship with NI and more of a link to the litttle guy.

    My opinion of course. someone else may have better advice.

    Be careful someone will try to take it for their own good or bad idea. there are a lot of leeches in this pond called earth.
  6. SwiftMoney

    SwiftMoney New Member

    Thank you so much on the insight. I actually have my idea all drawn up with the Adobe AI files so no one can take my idea.But i will for sure go and talk to him and see what he thinks and how he can help me out. Thanks again.

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